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October 12

My Playlist for TEACH ME TO FORGET!

Hello! Happy Monday I hope you had a great weekend! It’s been a busy one for me. I was finally able to share news about my new book deal with Merit Press! You can read all about the journey to get there here! I love music. Duh, right? But when I set out to write my […]

July 27

Why Are Awards Shows Ignoring Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a music channel called MTV launched and it was my favorite channel for years. I have always loved music, and my eyes were glued for hours watching videos of my favorite musicians while dancing to my favorite songs. Artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, […]

June 15

New York bound: Conferences & Musicals

Fellow ATWN contributor Erin Fletcher and I are heading to the Big Apple at the end of July for the 2015 Writers Digest Annual Conference. And what better way to combine our love of writing and music than to also take in a Broadway musical while we’re there? As a huge fan of GLEE, I may […]

April 02

Music for the Soul

For a long time, I wasn’t a fan of religious music. I grew up in churches with pipe organs and hymns that contained far too many “thee”s and “thou”s and “thy”s for my taste. By the time we reached the fifth (or sixth or seventh, ugh) verse, I was over it. And as for non-church […]

March 13

I Dare You

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a long time. Thinking about risks and chances and unexpected surprises. Thinking about new bands and debut novels, about new albums and new directions. (Not that New Direction–the one full of hotties– but if that’s your thing, ROCK ON. 😀  #judgmentfreezone) There are SO many genres of music, […]

February 04

Here to PUMP….You UP!

Okay, okay, okay–there are a lot of you who like to write to music.  I understand why.  The right song helps us get in the frame of mind we need to be in.  Fast paced action scene?  Maybe a little Ramones or Busta to speed things up.  Slow gut wrenching deliberation happening in your story? Why, here’s Andy Suzuki […]

January 12

Emotional Songs – Hinder or Help Your Story?

Hey there! I hope you all had a great weekend ;o) I’m in the middle of writing a new WIP and I got addicted to a song that I’ve been playing on repeat (hint: it’s the ATWN song of the week: Sia – Elastic Heart) and it got me thinking… is this affecting the words […]

November 27

The Most Famous Bands that Never Existed

Because sometimes, you fall in love with a band that you can’t ever see in concert. And that sucks.

November 24

Perseverance and Publishing

My love of music started when I was very young. But singing “Do Wah Diddy” with my dad at the top of my lungs wasn’t enough. Listening to Green Day’s “Dookie” on repeat and memorizing every word to Mariah Carey’s “Daydream” didn’t cut it. No, I wanted more. I wanted to make music instead of […]

September 22

We’re Looking For A Few Good Writers…

Are you a Young Adult or Middle Grade writer? Do you love music?   Would you like to join our team here at All The Write Notes? How to Apply You must have the ability to blog, talk about music, interview other writers/musicians, do giveaways, make playlists, and the desire to be part of an amazing group […]

July 10

Hidden Gems

When it comes to great books and music, one of two statements usually apply: 1. Everyone is talking about them. 2. No one is talking about them. (But they should be.) The first statement is very prevalent. Turn on your local radio station. Check out the NYT Best Sellers list. There are some great songs and books, and […]

June 02

Music to move…

It’s that time of the year… The days are brighter, the weather warmer, there’s a breeze in the air and the heat hasn’t YET ramped up to totally unbearable and uncomfortable levels. It’s AMAZING to be outdoors. A necessity even. Which is why one of my favorite activities happens to be grabbing my headphones/iPod and heading out to the […]

May 26

Sweet Sounds of Summer

First of all, for those of you in the United States, Happy Memorial Day! A giant THANK YOU to everyone who serves or has served in the armed forces. For those of you in the United States and elsewhere, Happy (Unofficial) Start of Summer! It’s time for warm days, cold drinks, flip flops, and trips […]

April 07

The Sounds of Silence

One thing that always mystified me is when writers talk about their playlists.  Some are simple (a couple of songs or an album or two) while others are very, very, very, very, very detailed–certain songs for certain characters, scenes, and even a pre-writing hype. Me?  I write in complete silence. I used to not be […]

March 17

6 Bands Share YA Books That Shaped Them

Every band probably has that one act — that one rabblement of dudes and chicks with guitars and whatnot — that changed them. That made them want to do to what they do (or struggle to do between beige-y desk jobs and gigs slinging drinks and lattes). Nothing is born in a vacuum, after all. […]

March 03

Music Memory

Music memory is a strange, inspiring phenomenon. It’s that thing that occurs when you hear a song from your past~not just any song, but the one that for whatever reason left an impact~and you find yourself transported by it to another place in time, the memory of that moment so vivid, so real that you’re no longer just listening to a […]

February 24

Playlist, then Plot

Most of the time, I wait to create book playlists until I’ve written a couple of chapters. This gives me time to get to know my characters and pick songs they would like. To firm up my plot or theme and select songs that mesh. Many writers I’ve talked to have the same process: plot, […]

January 20

The Intersection of Words & Music

My sister was diagnosed with two rare types of cancer while she was still in high school. I was a senior in college at the time, and though she’s now in full remission, married, and has a sweet little miracle baby of her own to celebrate, from time to time I remember those dark days, […]

January 09

The Love/Hate Relationship With A Song

Greetings! I hope you’re keeping warm and are all snuggled up! So, this happens to me a lot. I’m driving and a song comes on. It’s HORRIBLE. I complain at how awful it is, I can’t stop hearing its stupid chorus in my head. It’s safe to say I want nothing to do with this […]

November 07

Five Songs to Get You Through NaNoWriMo…or Something

I am taking a break. This past spring I charged through a modified version of NaNoWriMo and ended up with the book that landed me an agent. Awesome, for sure. But, I just slogged through September and October while working on revisions and the idea of another word-count driven charge through another WIP just wasn’t […]