My sincerest apologies for the hiatus, I had things to take care of.


Movement> Ivory> Movement EP > Modular People

I have never listened to a group that can so expertly craft a beat to progress lyrics the way that Movement does. “Ivory” has a vibrating bass that is complemented by bouncing piano chords and the kind of guitar solo that makes a single tear roll down your cheek. All those layers emphasize the passion and intensity of those oh so sultry lyrics. If you love it as much as I do, their self-titled EP is currently available for your musical pleasure.


Bear In Heaven> Time Between> Time Is Over One Day Old > T Magazine> 8/5/2014

Have you ever wondered what makes a person themselves? Let me rephrase that by asking whether it is truly the parts of us that no one else sees that makes us who we truly are? Think about these questions as you watch “Time Between”. This video is essentially a moving portrait of Manhattan’s nightlife to the march of the anthemic track.


Lil B> No Black Person Is Ugly> Ultimate Bitch > BasedWorld> …

This track needs not intro other than:

  “ I’ve seen the other side and I know that’s amazin’/ Life is amazin’” 


Vaults> Lifespan>…> Virgin EMI> 9/1/2014

I think that being a music video director would be one of the most self-fulfilling jobs out there. Imagine being the person to bring your favourite tracks to life. Nick Rutter certainly weaves an intricate timeline for “Lifespan” with the help of Vaults. Everything seems to be hidden behind the shadows of some greater power and traditional images such as a maid and a lamb become highlights to the emotional song.

   “You took what you wanted to take and yet you never wanted nothing from me”.


Foxes in Fiction> Ontario Gothic> Ontario Gothic > Orchid Tapes> 9/23/2014

Here’s some juxtaposition (yes I learned that word in English class)- skip through a meadow with your best friend, have a picnic, and save a kitten to the musical stylings of Warren Hildebrand’s beautiful voice. This is the kind of music that best represents the end of summer; it’s airy,calm and relaxing unlike the sweltering, feverish heat of July. Sit back and enjoy that lemonade while it lasts.


FKA twigs> Pendulum> LP1 > Young Turks> 8/12/2014

The last track of the week is a pièce de résistance and I am obsessed with it. So there’s this floating, dissonant pulse with sharp edges and crystalline echoes which only gives the perfect framework for the vocal dynamo FKA twigs. She lists flaw upon flaw but no one could ever refuse that angelic voice. If that’s not enough for you, the flittering snares laced with synthy tendrils should hook you.


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The past couple of weeks have been utterly insane and now it is time to relax and possibly celebrate. Sia will help us get in the mood with her video for “Chandelier”. She is definitely one of the most talented and powerful female vocalists in the past couple of years and you really hear that range throughout this track. It’s definitely a pop anthem but there is this sense of insanity and darkness that comes from being a hot mess that gives ‘er a bite. I really hope that 1000 Forms of Fear gives us that edge that everyone craves.


The best thing about music is that it tells you all those things people could never say. Now, I’m not saying that either Beta Frontiers or Carmen Elle have been having some love issues, but who hasn’t? These Canadian artists collectively bring you “So Cold” and the second you listen to the lyrics of this song you just kinda implode. This is a must listen for all the youngin’s due to the subject matter and ultra catchy synth-pop melody.


Lana del Rey is notorious for her aesthetic, but she can do no wrong with “West Coast”. The music itself is the star with a simple b&w video of Ms. Del Rey prancing along a the Pacific. It has an old blues feel and the chorus will just about make you moan. The whole thing is just so hypnotic and melts rather softly. Ultraviolence will be quite the album if this is the overall vibe, but the wait is on for now.


I admittedly air my emotional laundry out through this project, so this next track will probably make my best friends burst into belly laughs. I will endure cruel punishment for the integrity of thought-provoking music,however. The Antlers get the mood going with the sleepy track “Hotel”. The trumpets, crooning voice and silky guitar make it the perfect song for waking up next to someone else. Familiars will be released June 17, 2014 and it also features “Palace”, so check it out.


My love for the Arctic Monkeys has only amplified with AM’s release and  they are definitely basking in its glory. Matt and Alex did a triple j. Like A Version where they covered “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” by Tame Impala and strip “Do I Wanna Know?” to its bones. I clearly remember asking my high school art teacher to play Lonerism during an entire period and I was heckled. I’m just going to calmly enjoy this version of the wonderful track and hopefully it gets stuck in your heads (there, I said it).


The last record of the week goes to Three Man Cannon and their soul swaying “Patiently”. It holds that perfect balance of melancholic vocals and relaxed, yet irritated guitars which make punk so essential to adolescence (at least mine). The best part about this song is the importance of the writing and the emphasis on the sheer musicality of melody with a musical break that carries it all to the end. It’s such an interesting reflection of wanting and being lost, yet being totally comfortable with that. It kinda just takes my breath away, honestly.


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Due to the mass media lifestyles we all live in, it’s possible to contribute to anything and everything that is available to us. Lucky enough for Helge Mundt, Sacred Bones Records held a video contest to pair up with The Men’s “Different Days” and he had the right idea! The video takes you through the life of a 20-something and how he lives his life. He does ordinary things like climb a tree and hurt his feet as well as feel the annoying weight of youth. If you dig the track, Tomorrow’s Hits is available now.


We will crank it up a notch with the Antemasque (aka ¾ Mars Volta + Flea) and their bursting track “People Forget”. It’s basically the coolest, most rock’n’roll thing you’ve heard in the past couple of weeks and revs you up like nobody’s business. It’s already stuck in my head and the pissed-off passive aggressive vibe from “People tend to forget/ And I just want to remind you” is perfection. I’m keeping a very keen eye on their Bandcamp because they’ve been chugging out tracks this week.


I will never understand people who don’t like to dance, sure you can be awkward and maybe you can’t find a beat but music was meant for expression. I see your feet tapping, why not give in? Sofia Mattioli completely embodies this concept with her video for Jamie xx’s “Sleep Sound”. Watch it full screen because there’s a story behind the whole thing that is introduced right away and you don’t want to miss it. The track brings the people in video to life as they take on plant and smoke-like form. It’s one of those videos that can really change the way you think


You know how there is a threshold for odd and genius for most things? It wouldn’t be preposterous to say that “Daydreamin’”  by Luke Warm lives within this inexplicable place. The track is full of cuts and samples that make you sigh. I really just wanna know what’s going through his head when he matches everything all up. If you’re just as intrigued, Instant Vibe EP is out on April 14.


I spent some time at my friend’s house yesterday “tutoring” her in math, but we ended up revealing that we really want the same things in a relationship and won’t settle for less at this point. Lykke Li reveals her personal experience with dealing with a relationship that just doesn’t work in “No Rest For The Wicked” off of I Never Learn out May 5. The most powerful lyrics lies in the chorus with “There’s no hope for the weary/ You let them win without a fight”. There’s no way to ignore how true that feels.


I think it’s only fair to wrap up the week with something mellow and otherworldly, so take it away Vensaire. This quintet has it all from folk influences to indie-rock and even a sitar (the Soundcloud tag is #folkpop if that helps) . If you need a little escape have Perdix handy. The album opens with “If” that is full of cooing, steady beats and an array of instrumental appearances. Just let yourself drift away with the guitars and get ready for the release of  the self-released album on April 15.

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Let’s start this week’s picks with the secret obsession I try to hide in my posts sometimes-R&B. I love the emotion and self-reflection that is so easily expressed when your melody is minimal and your body just feels heavy. It’s like waking up after a long sleep and you just don’t want to open your eyes. SZA and Chance the Rapper make quite the dynamic duo in “Child’s Play”. Not only does each one of them give you what they’re good at, but they melt into each other’s vocals at the end. Seriously worth the listen and maybe a good old-fashioned phone call to someone special.

I’ll keep with that feeling you get in the  bottom of your stomach which is known as ‘butterflies’ or ‘bats’ in my case. I’ve learned that distance can really strengthen your relationships with other people. All but one of my close friends have moved to higher education and every second I spend with them is precious to me, You don’t realize how intimate laughing on a couch can feel or holding your partner’s hand knowing you have to say goodbye for three weeks. Arthur Beatrice captures these moments and their fleeting nature through their video for “Late”.

So the most compelling track I’ve heard this week goes to “A Little God in My Hands”. It’s got a funkadelic foundation, a slightly creepy filling and the kind of vocals that carve themselves into your mind. There is no way to argue that Swans knew what they were doing. Although this sound isn’t exactly familiar to many, To Be Kind is bound to raise some questions. I like music that makes me think if that tells you anything.

Let’s cheat today! Instead of three separate videos, here’s a short film about Johnny Cash’s musical influence with Brandon Flowers ft. Dawes, Father John Misty and Local Natives, directed by Arturo Perez Jr. for La Blogotheque. The three songs performed during the 16:00 blessing are all from the Out Among the Stars  lost album that has finally been released. In order, “Came to Believe”, “Baby Ride Easy” and “Out Among the Stars” take on great meaning to the artists who perform them. It’ll make you want to listen to the originals and compare.

Okay so, let me throwback here. The first time I heard Movement was with their track “Us” and my friend and I were listening to it obsessively on replay. I kinda wondered how they could possibly replicate that and they are simply  ill (oh yes, I did) so the result is incredible. Every second of “Like Lust” makes you want to crawl under someone’s skin. It’s kind of jaw dropping when you think about it. The Australian trio will release their self-titled EP on April 25,2014 so the excitement will last.

It’s no secret that I am a huge Tokyo Police Club fan and it’ll always remind me of this one friend I have but waiting for Forcefield  was no fun. Too bad I can’t hold a grudge though and really they are way too cute to hate. Their latest release is the video for “Hot Tonight” which as a track stands alone, but the pure wit demonstrated through old-school arcade games is beyond sharp. Let’s just say everyone’s favourite substance-abusing mayor makes a little appearance, if you know what I mean.

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Once again my anticipation for an album is taking over my life, but what wouldn’t I do for Mac DeMarco? He slipped into my life with “My Kind Of Woman” but with Salad Days’ debut less than 3-weeks away I can hardly sleep. There is something so incredibly seductive with the way he melts through songs with that guitar of his. I just think there is something so incredibly genuine about him, like a not-so-secret soft spot and boy do I wanna what he’s all about! Here’s his latest track “Brother” that will appear on his upcoming album.


When you hear the name Johnny Cash, you better think badass and legend. This influential musician will rise once again with the release of his lost album Out Among The Stars. Everything about the way he created music was full of passion and a harsh honesty that bordered on depressing in some cases, but he tells it like it is. “She Used To Love Me A Lot” is full of lament and a glitter of hope that comes with knowing you were loved and loved in it’s rightful sense; let the video do as much of the talking.



With the big house music craze in the past two years, some people choose to ignore the genre altogether but they are missing out. Sure it’s obnoxious when some random person in their sports car or Civic are blasting it on their way home, but it’s not the plague! Jacques Greene uses the effects of clattering, clanging, sharp cacophonous sound to bring depth to “No Excuse”. It’s pretty impressive how the vocals still glimmer through the statement percussion. His album Phantom Vibrate comes out April 28, 2014.


Fear Of Men is definitely going to have a huge year with their release of Loom later next month, but if you can’t wait that long the end is near. “Luna” will be released as a 7” and it’s B-side is just as reflective. “Outrun Me” is a slower track that swells through a noisy guitar and expresses the feelings of guilt and fear that come with accepting the past. It’s all about growing up and what not, but also accepting love. It’s an important song and one that definitely gets you thinking like it’s A.


This next track brings you into the old world when pleasure wasn’t necessarily selfish and music was free. It literally makes you want to sway and smile bigger than you have during your hibernation. Frank Ocean, Diplo along with Mick Jones and Paul Simonon from the Clash will basically blow your mind to shreds with “Hero”. It was recorded as part of Converse Music’s Three Artists, One Song series. Let me just preview it’s awesome: a children’s choir. I guarantee you will listen to it more than once.


The last video of the week goes to Franz Ferdinand with “Fresh Strawberries”. If you are into black and white videos that make you wonder what you’ve just witnessed, this one is for you. They’re the kind of band that is eternally cool no matter and this video reflects their class in every way and their throwback sound. Honestly, I’ve been listening to them since I was 12 so this video brings me great joy. Their album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions is out now.



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I just got home from a work conference and I never really realized how many hidden talents we all had.The War On Drugs have me really thinking with their latest video,“Red Eyes”. It takes a lot of courage to display what you have to offer to a group, but this track doesn’t at all reflect the nerves you feel right before a performance. Instead, it reflects the feeling of relief that rolls over you once you know you killed it. Be sure to watch out for the adorably young guitarist; you’ll know what I mean.



Space is incredible. There are so many phenomena that just take your breath away and Beach House really does the cosmos justice with “Saturn Song”. The fact that it will take science decades upon centuries (most likely) to truly know how our universe works gives me chills just as the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 recordings among the delicate synth and echoes that make up this track.The best part of all of this is that it will be on their upcoming Space Project that features acts such as The Antlers which drops April 19,2014.


Odonis Odonis has one of the most interesting videos I have seen in a very long time for their track “Angus Mountain.” The song itself is seems to be converging and shifting poignantly, but Jesse Yules transforms this into a true piece of art. Seemingly modge podged pictures fold onto themselves, complemented by a mirroring effect that further distorts the images just as the sound transforms. This video is not one to miss, nor is Hard Boiled, Soft Boiled that debuts April 15, 2014.



I have noticed that many people feel as though R&B is just full of slow jams that are centered around sex, but boy oh boy are these people wrong. There is no way of denying that “Words I Don’t Remember” by How To Dress Well is reflective and emotional with lyrics like “What is love but nothing more than anything you wanted.” Let that sit, watch the clever picture manipulation  and then we can talk.



One of the most ethereal sounds you can ever hear is a church choir in perfect harmony. It’s truly something that everyone should experience at least once along with a trip to an art gallery. Hologram satisfies both these musts with their video for “Lay Us Down” from their recent album Forever. In a flash of pictures and sound you get an intro with leagues of culture and then it dives right into the guitar riffs. It might not be what you expect but definitely worth the 7:06.



I cannot go a day without listening to Son Lux’s mastery of electronic music. His ability to shape rhythm and lyric never disappoints. When I discovered that he collaborated with Lorde for his record “Easy (Switch Screen)” from Lanterns, I almost shed a tear. This is the most intriguing partnership because both artists push the limits of their music and truly, their work is rather eerie. Nothing makes me happier than a good reworking of an already stellar track.


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Lykke Li had a hold on me ever since I heard her on the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack (it’s a great okay!) with that crystalline voice, although “Get Some” is my favourite song of hers. She is back with I Never Learn out on May 5, 2014. It reminds me of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland but also some high-class garden party; surprisingly, it’s a pretty neat combo. Here is the album trailer with what sounds like good things to come.

We are all going to agree that Coldplay is one of the best bands on the planet. They are innovative, sensitive and never cease to amaze me album after album. Watch them awkwardly dance through a forest in x-ray vision to their ghastly wondrous track “Midnight”. Now, they are releasing an album later this year, but there is no confirmation that this song will appear on it. If this is what it will all sound like, who am I to complain?

We all have that one person in our lives that can talk for ages with no sense of the people surrounding them. “Shut Up” by Posse sums up everything you have ever felt while waiting for that inconsiderate person to stop. The track is super mellow and gives you the feeling that this is routine. Their album Soft Opening will be out March 4, 2014 so keep calm.  

“Alexandra” is the catchiest track I heard this week with the kind of rhythm that you can’t help but tap to. Hamilton Leithauser from the Walkmen will definitely have you singing along to his ode some beautiful maiden. His solo album Black Hours is set for release on May 6, 2014. Everything about this track screams happiness, I hope you agree.

I have been home for the past two months basically wasting my time and killing brain cells with tv so I’ve heard my fair share of great musical features. When I heard Miguel’s Simplethings off the Girls’ Vol 2 compilation I decided it had to be my new favourite show. That silky smooth voice with and simple elegance of the beat makes you want to call that special someone for some cuddles or who knows…

The last video of this week is so obvious it’s magical. PAWS has my head bobbing to “Tongues” off of their upcoming album Youth Culture Forever out May 6, 2014. The track is noisy and multiple vocals layered on each other give the chorus an anthemic feel. So here’s to all my favourite couple out there and those to come, let’s watch some couple make out through a kaleidoscope.

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Remember how much I love Mac DeMarco? Good, ’cause this is my all time favourite video of him doing anything. He takes Portugal by storm while playing the easy-going track “Let My Baby Stay” in a parking lot, on rooftops and even on a treadmill (while others work out). There are some pauses throughout like when he slips into a comfortable sundress to play the drums or when he is just being his adorable goofy self. I guess it’s quite fitting that Salad Days comes April Fools, eh.

I’m kinda in this weird “let’s actually get our shi* together” phase; I chopped off my hippy locks yesterday…I guess you can say it’s probably ‘cause I’ve almost spent a year as a legal adult already. I was listening to “Embers” by Night Flowers and I picture myself driving around with some strangers and drinking bubble tea. Now before you judge me hardcore, listen to those early riffs and that very shoegazy sound and try to tell me you don’t feel just as hip.

London Grammar is really on a roll and they are just so creative. “Hey Now” is such a powerful track vocally and that ebbing rhythm makes you picture some wild mustangs kicking up dust (definitely not a Bound 2 reference), but instead you get this whimsical animated forest with dancing stones and a fluffy manifestations that grow with light. Cool as hell,right! Oh and then you get this network of lines that connect the trees like a spider’s thread. Just watch it already.

You know in the original Carrie when she’s slow dancing with her date and she is just so happy and they’re like making out? Imagine if “Lines of Latitude” replaced the originally scored track. Honestly, the thought makes me cry. Small Black is so soft and clever and the lyrics “ The lines I crossed for you” are so meaningful. Uggh I’m like super emotional over this but, listen to it and just think about your first really good kiss. Real People is going to be quite the treasure when it drops April 1,2014.

Your Friend’s track “Tame One” is amazing on it’s own, but when I watched the video for it,I couldn’t help but think it was the perfect match due to the undeniable charm of Kansas. The whole song transforms into these shadows and bursts of honesty that make you fall in love with it. Right around minute three, that’s when your heart races to the frantic beat of the shakers and guitar loops. This is the kind of music that helps you realize who you are on a sad day when you don’t want to talk to anyone. Taryn Miller, I salute you.

It’s not always easy to pull of a battle march-like beat in a love song, but King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe sure know how it’s done. “Be Free” off of their Sing More Songs Together out on March 25,2014 is pure genius. It’s a little “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” but the split vocals set it so far apart you won’t think too much about it. Among alamo guitars, tapping,and  tambourine “If you want to be free don’t think about me” is a battle cry not to be ignored.

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Now I know I usually post on Saturday mornings,  but in Canada this is the Family Day long weekend which can only mean one thing- concert time! My best friend and I went to go see one of our favourite bands play a small charity concert, so ladies and gentlemen, here are the Arkells. They always have dynamic shows filled with Springsteen-like dance moves, interactive sing-alongs and incredible cover songs. There is no feeling like being a room of people who listen to good music and are supporting a good cause. The two highlights of the evening included them announcing an album later this year and their mind blowing encore including their hit “On Paper”; there is no way you won’t like it.

Not only were they amazing, but the opening act was equally as talented. They have a folk/americana/rockabilly sound with a powerful  male-female vocal duo. This is backed by energetic drumming, infectious guitar and confident bass. You know a band is tight as hell when they can pull off Jack White’s version of “Love Is Blindness”. Not only is their music catchy but they take the time to get to know the people they play for. I can proudly say I got a picture with the bearded wonder that is their rhythmic guitarist. Their album Who Told You was just released this month and boy do they have a future ahead of them! Here is their title track, enjoy.

I’m supposed to pick songs that reflected the past week in music but I usually throw life in there as well. I addressed my love for Valentine’s Day last week but since the bloody thing just happened, here’s a romantic song shot in a graveyard. Do you sense the sarcasm yet? I actually really adore Bleached’s track “Guy Like You” so don’t jump the gun there. It’s basically reminding us that Polaroids are the staple of modern nostalgia and that love songs are necessary to survive. If you agree, Ride Your Heart is currently available for your listening pleasures.

Now for some light disco? Yeah that’s right, I am on the right train. “Little Fang” is super dancey and flecked with an array of sounds and voices alike. I just picture a group of friends jamming and head swaying to this little diddy. I found myself head bobbing to it almost immediately and hopefully Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks does the same for you. Their album Enter the Slasher House is to be released April 7-8, 2014.

I would like to introduce SOAK to you all because not only is she the cutest thing you ever did see, her talent at 17 is depressing for all of us who have not yet won Grammys, if you know what I mean. “Blud” is a delicate mix of haunting and happy, which is mighty hard to achieve and I just cannot express how excited I am to know that the Blud EP will debut March 17,2014. CHVRCHES picked up an inspiring first talent for Goodbye Records for sure.

Let’s keep the girl power rolling with Beverly aka Drew Citron and Frankie Rose. This is my favourite track of the week but only by hairs. I love the harmony along with the powerful garage sound. “Oh Honey do” comes off as cathartic among the fuzzy gritty noise and then the guitars and drum just flare into their own winding worlds. Their record will drop this summer and “Honey Do” will be available as a special vinyl for Kanine’s Record Store Day on April 19th, 2014!

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This week’s first track goes to Fear Of Men with “Atla/Waterfall”. The intro is quiet and somber but the drive of the chorus makes this track quite the motivator. It’s perfect for studying since it doesn’t assault your ears, but is constantly changing in dynamics and tempo. The drum beat is very similar to Cults’ “High Road” and there is a little treat at the end of the track so if I haven’t convinced you yet, your loss. Loom will be released April 22,2014. 

Have you ever just met someone and you instantly clicked like you’ve known them forever or in a different life? When I watched “Hi-Five”, it had the perfect amount of awkward dancing and statements to resemble my own life. “Are you lonely too? Hi-five, so am I,” needless to say, I am nowhere as cool as Angel Olsen. This video is bound to give you a little smirk when you watch the hand dancing. Check out the other songs from Burn Your Fire For No Witness out February 18!

Mas Ysa provides you with all the mystery and emotion you need on your weekend, it’s definitely not what you expect from the intro. Hissing, piano, drum box, and rockets launching are basically the contents of the music, but the lyrics are so heartbroken that you are in for a ride. The explosive nature of everything in the song adds to its fragility and sentiment. Listen closely to “Shame” off of his Worth EP. 

Okay, I must warn you not to eat while watching this next video. Sure there is an attractive couple in it, but that cannot mask the fact that you get to watch butchers chop meat and fisherman de-gut their fresh fish in some warehouse. It juxtaposes the tittering, vibrating nature of the track featuring  Nina Kinert’s crystal clear vocals. It’s truly an artistic video with beautiful shots of the creamy fat of cows and silver scales here and there. I sound psychotic, so I’ll stop there. Listen to Tomas Barfod’s “Pulsing” and you’ll have to wait until May for Love Me.

Oh you want a slow jam? I’ve got one that makes you want to roll around in sheets or honey if that’s your thing. “Forfeit” is basically Gallant making you fall in love with his falsetto and I’m so not complaining. It’s sultry and just the right amount of begging from him, but it’s not clear whether it will be featured on his Zebra EP or not-fingers crossed. 

I really didn’t want this video to be last, but it just happened that way. It’s definitely next to last material and hopefully you agree with Niki De Saint Phalle’s cute illustrations. Soko’s “Love Letter” is how I would describe the journey of loooooove, from what I’ve observed. Every teenage girl’s favourite commercial holiday is coming up next week and what better way to get ther party started right?

Soko: Love Letter on

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Yumi Zouma has been getting many raves for their 4 track self titled EP out February 11, 2014. “Riquelme” is the final track to be released and it is more low-key disco than the rest. The song begins with the sound of a shaker, which then gets snaps layered onto it and so the song progresses. The quiet vocals and the subtle dance groove really make it something special, but did they save the best for last?

I have always been a big fan of goofy, light-hearted videos so when I stumbled on “Come Alive”, it had to be featured this week. Chromeo teams up with Toro Y Moi to deliver a hilarious story of two men and their love for mannequins. I really think that synth-funk was meant to put a smile on your face and this is definitely the way to do it even of we have no clue when White Women will be released.

There’s nothing like a confused-in-love song with emphasized guitar. Special Explosion does it best with “Clotheslined”. The song starts off with simple, yet meaningful guitar riffs and lyrics but it really picks up about ¾ ways in. The mood changes with the drums and it’s the transition into frustration. We have all been there…The Art of Mothering will debut February 18,2014. 

We’ve got a bit of a yin-yang feel going on in this post, so let’s slip into the darker side. When you set a dark track to a conceptual video, 9 times out of ten, I won’t get it but still love it. The Pixies cause chaos with Nando Messias as “Magdalena”. She’s your typical badass-stealing sandwiches from men on the street and showering in rice under UV light. “You’re the meanest” is repeated along with “How’d you get so strong?” This is the second song off of EP2 which is available now.

BANKS is my lady crush and before you argue that, have you heard that sultry voice? Exactly. Now although “Waiting Game” was my favourite, “Brain” changed it all. R&B has a special place in my heart but so do heartbroken lyrics- “Boy don’t hurt your brain/Thinking what you’re gonna say/ ‘Cause everything’s a game.” About half way, you just have to let the whole thing brand itself onto your skin. Her London EP is available now.

Last one this week goes out to the Neighborhood with “Afriad”. Yes, it’s been out for a while but I’ll shrug my shoulders in the spirit of good music. The track explores the fear of being replaced by your significant other and the insecurities that come with it. It’s honest and apparently YouTube deems that offensive; to each their own. That being said, here is your consent form

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So this week has been a little bit of a hot mess and that’s okay, it happens to everyone right? Music always knows how to react especially with a 80’s inspired tracks. Keep Shelly In Athens races against the clock with “Old Time Glory” while keeping their elegance. The bright percussion and light vocals remind us to keep grace under pressure.

There are not many times that I would say this, but if you don’t watch this next video you are missing out on magic. Damon Albarn has already made the best video of the year with “Everyday Robots”. You might say that’s premature, but have you seen it? Exactly! The use of CGI is stunning backed by piano, violin and drumbox, I just can’t describe it at all. This isn’t one to miss out on.

Mac Demarco is my current crush- he’s Canadian, hilarious, talented and honest. There isn’t much else that could be better about him and as my friends roll their eyes into their heads, I’ll be listening to “Passing Out Pieces” on repeat. The song vibrates with the use of strings and that noisey glitter in the background adds character. Honestly I can’t wait for Salad Days out on April 1, 2014.

iamamiwhoami makes the kind of music you score your life’s epiphanies with (no joke). The incredibly talented Jonna Lee and her soaring vocals that are impossible to hit, unless you are Ellie Goulding should be enough for anyone. However, most people are picky so what if I told you that this track’s video is ¾ full of bodies of water and the rest is a woman dancing in a plastic cover up? That’s right, check it out ( Ps. how cute is that fish?)

I am really excited to discuss “SWIM” by Fickle Friends because it’s the kind of song that makes you happy inside. It is super poppy, catchy and very clean which make it an A. The combination of guitar, hands clapping, and dare I say cowbell make you want to dance! Not only is the music great but “You are not alone” is repeated throughout. What better way to start the day?

Simplicity is the staple of classic, unless we are talking 1920s…Peter Morèn aka Peter Bjorn proves that with “Say My Name”. The video is literally him walking up and down a hill with a white summer suit on. Nothing screams class like a white suit and love sick lyrics. His Broken Swenglish Vol.1 is quite the treat so Vol.2 should be equally as marvelous since the man can basically do no wrong.

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Who needs a pick me up? Yeah it’s Saturday morning and you should be bursting with energy, or so you are trained to think that way. Don’t worry, Bombay Bicycle Club will give you chills with “Luna” off So Long, See You Tomorrow out February 3,2014! You can’t help but smile after hearing the song or watching a team of synchronized swimmers put your water treading to shame. The song has a tropical flavour to it with the tinkling percussion and the crescendo into the last chorus is the best part of the song. You know you’re gonna love the whole thing already, I can feel it.

The best part about the beginning of the year is that all the new music that has been quietly blossoming in the shadows gets the spotlight. There are so many neat albums coming out including Interrupt by Bleeding Rainbow. Listen to “So You Know” with its 90’s sound, powerful female vocals, and guitars that are just angular enough. The album is due February 25, 2014 and it’s bound to make someone’s day.

No matter how tech savvy you are, don’t try to tell me you have not played the ever so annoying Skype game by the appropriate title “Can You Hear Me?”. I’m new to the game but when my best friend was playing music as I tried to talk to her, I not only wanted to know what she was saying, but what she was listening to. Lucky for me, my hearing is much better than my sight. Lucky for you, she has great taste in music. John Newman needs no intro because you simply have to hear him yourself, so check out “Losing Sleep”.

There is something so amazing about hearing a song that relates to what you have been feeling when you didn’t expect it. My love for punk rock is not something that will go away anytime soon so “House Address” by You Blew It! being my favourite track of the week shouldn’t be a big surprise. The song starts off with a looping guitar that gets sweatered in percussion and ooooooohs, but reminds you of its presence throughout in pockets of colder sound. Keep Doing What You’re Doing drops January 14,2014 and you already know I will be obsessed with it!

My dad’s birthday was this week and the only thing he wanted was for me to go see Lone Survivor with me, so we did. During the pre-pre-show (yes, that was on purpose) they played an interview with the Strumbellas. If you like Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (and beards), you will enjoy these Canadians. Their album We Still Move On Dance Floors is out now and “Ride On” should be the first track you listen to for that small town feel.

This last song is basically how I hope the year goes for everyone. With a title like “Love More, Worry Less” how could anyone be led astray? Bipolar Sunshine reminds you of the simple power of positivity and affection with this anthemic track from his Drowning Butterflies EP. He’s pretty infectious, so why not listen to the whole record?

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Let’s hit 2014 off with a bang shall we? I will finally answer the Womack call and choose to dance against all odds; ain’t that a statement! So before I start to ramble about nothing, Tokyo Police Club is back and man do they know how to make an entrance. “Argentina (Parts I, II, III)” is a nearly 9 minute epic that reminds you why you loved them so much after Champ but leaves you wanting more. It’s a bit of a lyric video I guess, but I’m not much of a labeller- at least I don’t think so.

I have two sisters that are almost the same age as me however, we are ages apart in every other way. If I told you they love One Direction, would that be enough? I love them to pieces but I cannot enable that obsession. My oldest sister told me that I’m basically an urban legend seeing as a lot of her friends have never seen me. After coming across Morgan Delt’s “Obstacle Eyes”, I’ve decide this is my official background music for every first encounter. It’s almost too grimy for comfort but the thoughts of swirling psychedelic patterns make it perfect for my mystery. The vocals have the same tendency to melt as the melody, but that’s the way I like it.

I have this strange weakness for songs that have a folky and country vibe. I know that sounds a little odd seeing as I really do not consider myself a country lover but there is just something about being able to pull that off that is unlike anything else. Califone will make your thoughts sway and maybe spark your journal writing once again with their latest track “Movie Music Kills a Kiss”. The song has a very soft tempo and the video has an elegance to it but I personally adore that the awesome title is actually a lyric in the song.

My (least) favourite thing about North America is that we are always on to the next thing. We can’t concentrate on one thing or “holiday” at a time. I won’t complain too much seeing as Starbucks’ run to the Valentine’s Day finish line delivers us Sweetheart 2014, an array of love songs covered by your favourite artists such as Beck. Hear his take on “Love” by John Lennon. Grab your tissues or your big spoon (I’m not talking about ice cream here either) ‘cause it’s out February 4th. 

I was reading somewhere that more than half of all the movies to be released this year are sequels. That’s why I love music, because somethings just never get old whereas watching Space Jam for the 27th can actually lose it’s magic. Relevance? The Silversun Pickups will be releasing their first best hits album, The Singles Club (wittiest thing ever, eh?) February 25,2014 and they are including a new track titled “Cannibal”. Now this track is definitely worth a feature in a film.

Can we agree to disagree about the whole dubstep revolution? I’m just pretty over the whole thing, but I can argue that it opened up the opportunity for female vocalists to basically take over the mechanics of electronic music. Georgia Nott is half of the wonder that is BROODS, her brother Caleb rounding out the duo, but her tone will hypnotize you. Their track “Never Gonna Change” is stuck in my head and it’s definitely a slinkier, darker kind of R&B/whatever-you-want-to-call-this-genre. It deserves a listen and maybe even  a coveted spot on your music player.

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