Jessie Ware > Say You Love Me > Tough Love  > PMR > 10/21

Jessie Ware has already swept many people off their feet with “Tough Love”, but there is no soul missing nor passion lacking in “Say You Love”. Her tone is rich and deep which is only emphasized by the light guitar and array of background noises including ebbing water. Oh and there is obviously a choir to help this songstress belt out the final chorus.


Nicholas Krgovich > Along The PCH On Oscar Night > On Sunset  >  Tin Angel > 09/22

This Vancouver based musician will get you feeling like you’re dancing in your bedroom alone with his endearing shoulder dancing and reflective looks throughout the video. If you enjoy L.A. at sunset and adorable dancing then you are most likely going to appreciate this video.

“And no one cares or can see all the desperate things you do”


Juniore > La Fin Du Monde > Exclusive 7” > Enterprise > Available

Thanks to my most eccentric French teacher, I know all about Rive Gauche and the French New Wave which I hope he thinks makes me a well-rounded person. Anyway “La Fin Du Monde” ( The End Of The World), revives the sounds of the 1960’s and the class that came with it. You can almost taste the old coffee and questionable smoke. If you have no clue what I mean, this song would fit very well in Wes Andersen’s Moonrise Kingdom.


Black Keys > Weight Of Love > Turn Blue  > Nonesuch > Available

I was pretty surprised when I watched this video to realize it is basically the continuation to “Fever”. To recap, Dan Auerbach is a culty pastor and this video reveals what seems to be his following. Lara Stone is head cultress and leads her women in prayer circles, exercise and dog walking shifts. It sounds like a hot mess but it is very streamline and almost stoic. Beware of fields upon fields of wheat and too much gossamer to take in. Rock out to this 7:00 beauty while observing the stylized 70’s.


Woman’s Hour > In Stillness We Remain > Conversations   > Secretly Canadian > Available

I am certain that many people are feeling the same way I am and that is anxious for post-secondary. Woman’s Hour gets me feeling all nostalgic and sad that my childhood is basically behind me with the cute children breaking it down for their video “In Stillness We Remain”. I personally think that the little guy in the glasses steals the show but the synchronized imperfections of the video kinda make me smile.


She Keeps Bees ft. Sharon Van Etten > Owl > Eight Houses  > Future Gods > 09/16

It must just be my taste this week but I have another smoky,smouldering track to snuggle up to. Among Jessica Larrabee’s smooth vocal stylings and the lower bass of a double reed instrument (most likely), you can feel your body sway. It is just one of those tracks that lets you slow down and enjoy the wonders of your own mind.

“My long way the wrong way”



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