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November 18

A.G. Howard’s Official “Untamed” Playlist & Giveaway

Welcome to the third day of the Untamed virtual book tour! Thank you, Jay, for the honor of hanging out again on your wonderful music blog for the first reveal of the tour: The Official Untamed Playlist! By now, most of you have probably found the playlists for the first three books on my website. […]

September 28

Playlist for Christina Farley’s BRAZEN

Today at A.T.W.N.  we’re celebrating the release of BRAZEN by Christina Farley! BRAZEN is the third and final book in the Gilded series about a sixteen-year old girl who must use her martial art skills and wits to save those around her from an evil Korean god. To learn more about this series, visit the […]

June 15

New York bound: Conferences & Musicals

Fellow ATWN contributor Erin Fletcher and I are heading to the Big Apple at the end of July for the 2015 Writers Digest Annual Conference. And what better way to combine our love of writing and music than to also take in a Broadway musical while we’re there? As a huge fan of GLEE, I may […]

June 03

The Musical 4 With…Author Emmy Laybourne

          I’m ecstatic to welcome author Emmy Laybourne back to A.T.W.N. as part of MacMillan’s ‘SWEET Blog Tour’, and to debut our new interview segment here at A.T.W.N… “THE MUSICAL 4 With…”  Emmy’s new book, ‘SWEET’, “takes readers on a dream vacation that goes first comically, then tragically, then horrifyingly, wrong.” […]

April 06

Crawling To The Finish Line

I’m at the beautiful stage in my life where I am wholly aware that my goals come with crippling debt, occasional tears, sleepless nights, and what will one day become a caffeine addiction. Yes, university is amazing and I have met some of the most interesting people while pursuing a childhood dream, but nothing could […]

February 04

Here to PUMP….You UP!

Okay, okay, okay–there are a lot of you who like to write to music.  I understand why.  The right song helps us get in the frame of mind we need to be in.  Fast paced action scene?  Maybe a little Ramones or Busta to speed things up.  Slow gut wrenching deliberation happening in your story? Why, here’s Andy Suzuki […]

December 25

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas A.T.W.N. followers! For those in search of a good Christmas Mix today, here’s a playlist of our favorite Holiday tunes. This mix includes essential Holiday Songs by Noel Gallagher, Dave Matthews, Run DMC, Bing Crosby, ‘N SYNC, U2, and more. Enjoy,  The A.T.W.N. Crew

December 22

Our Favorite Songs of 2014

What an amazing year for music! And to celebrate the year that was, all of the contributors at A.T.W.N. picked a few favorite tracks to share with you. And by a few, I mean over 2hrs worth! Happy Listening!   Thanks for all your support this year, and we will see you in 2015!  

December 15

SOUNDFUEL: Music you can’t write without

Ever been writing a scene and find yourself in need of the perfect writing mood music…something that will help you get in just the right mindset? Check out the cool, new (to me) site, SOUNDFUEL! (Shout out to Erin for sharing the link!) The directory tab is full of playlists that are presorted into categories based on what type of scene […]

December 10

Guest Post: Author Dahlia Adler – “Last Will and Testament” Playlist

Thanks for having me, All the Write Notes! Usually I share my playlists on Band Geek Thursdays on my group blog, YA Misfits, but this post is the playlist for my very first NA, so, here we are! (Plus, ATWN is awesome, in case you haven’t noticed.) My book is called Last Will and Testament, and […]

December 03

A.G. Howard Playlist Sneak Peek & Two Giveaways

Welcome to the third day of our Ensnared in a Winter Wonderland Tour, and thank you Jay for the opportunity to hang out on your amazing blog once again and chat music! By now, hopefully most of you have found my playlists. If you haven’t, here’s a link. If you’ll notice, Ensnared isn’t there yet. […]

November 03

Get your #NaNoWriMo on!!!

As y’all know, it’s November. And you know what that means. No, we’re not talking turkey or football or even God-forbid, Black Friday. We’re talking about something way more intense. More soul-searing. Grueling, even. AND IT’S HAPPENING WRITE  RIGHT NOW. Yup, we’re talking about #NaNoWriMo. If you live in a cave, and have inexplicably never heard of […]

October 30

Tonya Kuper’s ANOMALY Is Coming Out In Less Than A Month — And We Can’t Wait

Do you wish you could control reality? Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Is “Star Wars” a film that many people enjoy? Yeah, I know, a simple “duh” would have sufficed, but I wanted the build-up to be epic for the answer to the above question, which becomes manifest in ATWN contributor Tonya […]

October 07

Five Songs for Crying

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of using music to help me set the tone for my writing. My last ATWN post, Five Songs for Kissing, listed some of the more recent additions to my kissing scene playlist. Today I’m giving you more songs, this time for those sad scenes where the characters are […]

September 24

Win A Copy Of A New Zine For Teens, SMALLER TOWN — Complete With Limited Edition Cassette

The other week, I wrote about going punk-rock and starting my own small press/record label to self-publish my debut YA novel, PLACID GIRL. Now, I’m ready to announce the first offering from All Ages Press: SMALLER TOWN, the first in a series of ‘zines for teens — the inaugural edition of which comes with a […]

September 08


As a fan of All the Write Notes, I’m thrilled to be sharing with you my playlist for SILVERN, the sequel to GILDED. Music is a huge component for when I’m creating a world for my stories. I love building an atmosphere and a mood through my words so when I write my first drafts, […]

August 21

Five Songs for Kissing

It’s no secret that I use music to help me write. Typically, it’s either the lyrics or the beat of the song that helps me through a scene (lyrics for the super emotional ones, beat for the action scenes). But when it comes to kissing and romance, the songs I listen to have to have that […]

June 09

“On the Road to Find Out” Blog Tour – Guest Post Rachel Toor


June 02

Music to move…

It’s that time of the year… The days are brighter, the weather warmer, there’s a breeze in the air and the heat hasn’t YET ramped up to totally unbearable and uncomfortable levels. It’s AMAZING to be outdoors. A necessity even. Which is why one of my favorite activities happens to be grabbing my headphones/iPod and heading out to the […]

May 26

Sweet Sounds of Summer

First of all, for those of you in the United States, Happy Memorial Day! A giant THANK YOU to everyone who serves or has served in the armed forces. For those of you in the United States and elsewhere, Happy (Unofficial) Start of Summer! It’s time for warm days, cold drinks, flip flops, and trips […]