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November 09

Take Cover!

Some people do not like when other band’s cover their favorite band’s songs. But sometimes the cover song is actually better than the original!  “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston was originally by Dolly Parton. “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Joan Jett is actually a cover! Here are a few songs that […]

July 27

Why Are Awards Shows Ignoring Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a music channel called MTV launched and it was my favorite channel for years. I have always loved music, and my eyes were glued for hours watching videos of my favorite musicians while dancing to my favorite songs. Artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, […]

March 30

Let’s Build a Stairway To The Stars

My friend builds guitars.  From scratch.  Cuts the wood, shapes and stains them, molds them, paints them. He played guitar for many years, played in a few bar bands, practiced for hours.  He talks non-stop about them, listing his favorite players, his favorite licks, everything.  It’s his obsession. But, the demands of life caught up with […]

February 04

Here to PUMP….You UP!

Okay, okay, okay–there are a lot of you who like to write to music.  I understand why.  The right song helps us get in the frame of mind we need to be in.  Fast paced action scene?  Maybe a little Ramones or Busta to speed things up.  Slow gut wrenching deliberation happening in your story? Why, here’s Andy Suzuki […]

October 13

Changing The Tone

Last week, I introduced a guitar playing friend to the Mahavishnu Orchestra.  They had been on my mind recently due to my new favorite online music platform putting them on heavy rotation.  I had done all the prerequisite talking up of the band to my friend, explaining how John McLaughlin was one of the greatest jazz […]

July 14

What’s The Score?

Note:  This post is a little bit inspired by this fantastic post  on soundtracks by ATWN’s own Tonya Kuper.  I highly recommend you read it. It’s that time–Summer movie season.  If you had guessed, my pick for Song Of The Week here at All The Write Notes is based on a Summer movie, Guardians Of The […]

April 07

The Sounds of Silence

One thing that always mystified me is when writers talk about their playlists.  Some are simple (a couple of songs or an album or two) while others are very, very, very, very, very detailed–certain songs for certain characters, scenes, and even a pre-writing hype. Me?  I write in complete silence. I used to not be […]

December 30

Put a Cork In It

Well, do to a (hopefully) minor malady having befallen our dear Megan, I’m jumping in here to throw down the last post of 2013. I’m not big on resolutions or spending too much time harping about the past but, considering the timing, this does seem like an appropriate time to look back and to look […]

November 11

Fangirling: Stop Singing into Your Hairbrush

I should just start a Taylor Swift series. Would you guys be cool with that? Because, seriously, as a writer, you should be watching her and taking notes. Last Wednesday, Taylor performed her song “Red” at the CMAs. If you don’t know, the CMAs stand for “Country Music Association Awards.” But if you’ve heard the […]

October 14

Band Geeks

When I was 17 years old, my life seemed to be consumed with one thing–band.  Yes, there were the normal concerns of a typical 17-year-old male–dating, looking cool, not failing trig, etc.  However, most of my time was spent with my saxophone in hand, practicing and practicing the same music over and over, trying to […]

September 23

Opening Acts

With two kids at home,  it isn’t all that common that I find my way to a concert these days.  I did manage to catch a show this past week and it was one of those rare occurrences where I left the show feeling more excited about the opening act than for the band I […]

August 12

You’re a Writer: Where’s Your Surprised Face?!

The last time I posted, I talked about how other people’s success doesn’t take away from yours (and I talked about Macklemore + Ryan Lewis because they’re pretty rockin’). But the fact of the matter is even if you know that about success, even if you’re a hard worker and you love your craft, you’re […]

July 15

10 Questions with…Lil Huffy

First things first, give our readers some background on Lil Huffy.  What’s Lil Huffy all about? Emigdio: Background—–> We’re a band from Harrisonburg, Virginia—>small mountain town.  Harrisonburg is awesome, and is part of what makes Lil Huffy what it is. We started as a goofy halloween coverband (japanther covers) where I wore short shorts and […]

May 20

10 Questions with…Team Spirit

This week at A.T.W.N., I have the pleasure of sharing an interview I did with Passion Pit’s former synthesist & remixer, Ayad Al Adhamy. Ayad has gone out on his own and is now the frontman for the amazing Brooklyn based “rock-n-soul” band, Team Spirit. Let’s get to it…   10 Questions with…Team Spirit   […]

February 25

Interview: Jennifer A. Nielsen

With author Jennifer A. Nielsen’s second book in The Ascendance Trilogy, “The Runaway King“,  hitting the shelves this Friday, I thought it would be a perfect time to chat with her about the role of music in her life, and how it has impacted her writing. 1. What is your favorite band/artist and why? That’s so hard to answer! […]

The Next Big Thing

Readers comb through bookstores…agents scour slush…editors sift through submissions…critics devour debut novels…all searching for The Next Big Thing. Me? I troll YouTube. Not for new writers, but for new artists. 🙂 Sure I’m on iTunes weekly *cough* daily *cough* checking out the Single of the Week and surfing through Genius recommendations, which many or may […]

Tuning Into Writer’s Block

I’m the Nashville girl, which I guess makes me the country girl? Well, something like that.  I live in a town that is so fueled by music, we earned ourselves the official title of “Music City.” There is music everywhere–good music too–new, talented artists flock here on a daily basis, looking for a chance to […]

Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything From One Writer to Another In the writing/publishing world, like life in general, timing is everything. Unfortunately, in most instances, we don’t have much control over the element of time. Let’s take a look at a couple of the ways timing is important in the publishing world.  1. Timing in writing: Pacing […]

January 28

Music Monday – The Rural Alberta Advantage

Welcome to…All The Write Notes. As you can tell, we are pretty excited around here, and I am lucky enough to have the honor of getting us started here at ATWN. So, let’s get to some music… Music Monday – The Rural Alberta Advantage Jay C. Spencer   Monday, January 28th, 2013 Finding new music […]