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July 11

Old Rock Star Zodiac

The Ox (1944, 1965, 1973, 2002, 2013) Traditionally, the Ox is known as a zodiacal sign of prosperity through hard work and dauntless resolve. They are regarded as responsible, dependable, intelligent, and financially conservative — traits that would be helpful in the year ahead to be sure, but not typically rock-star-like. But the Year of […]

July 08

A Life Lived For Art Is Never Wasted

Authors want to be published. I feel comfortable saying that as a blanket statement. They want to be published as much as a singer wants to hear themselves on the radio. No one blames us for this. People write stories to be read. People record songs so that they might be heard. But when I […]

July 04

ATWN Weekend Covers – June

Our #ATWNWeekendCovers playlist from June certainly is an eclectic one. Throughout June, on our Twitter feed, we featured covers by artists such as City and Colour, Frank Turner, The Decemberists, Mumford & Sons, and Radiohead.  Enjoy the playlist, and keep an eye on our  Twitter account every weekend for our favorite cover tracks under the  hashtag, #ATWNWeekendCovers.

July 02

10 Questions with…Brazos

Today on ATWN we welcome Martin McNulty Crane V, the creative genius behind Brazos. Brazos sophomore album ‘Saltwater’, which SPIN Magazine called “…a collection of nine deceptively complex pop tunes that recall the Shins at their most adventurous.”, was released in May. Brooklyn based, but Austin raised, Martin sat down and tackled our 10 questions about writing, reading, and what […]

July 01

Interview & Giveaway with The Besnard Lakes

To mark Canada Day, Olga Goreas, 1/4 of the Montreal indie-rock band The Besnard Lakes, stopped by A.T.W.N. to answer a few questions on reading, bands, and inspiration. Now to add to the Canada Day festivities, and to kick off our new look here at A.T.W.N., we are giving away a signed copy of The […]

July 01


For those not across the pond at the Glastonbury Festival this year, here is our last playlist of the top six tracks from BBC’s coverage of Sunday’s performances. The playlist starts off with Mumford and Sons epic collaboration with The Vaccines and Vampire Weekend that closed the festival this year. We’ve also chose amazing performances […]

June 30


For those not across the pond at the Glastonbury Festival this year, we put together a playlist of the top six tracks from BBC’s coverage of Saturday’s performances. We’ve got tracks from Savages, The Vaccines, Alabama Shakes, Daughter, Elvis Costello, and Public Enemy. Enjoy, and Happy Writing!

June 29

Glastonbury 2013 – Friday’s Top Highlights

For those not across the pond at the Glastonbury Festival this year, we put together a playlist of the top six tracks from Friday’s performances. We’ve got tracks from Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, Jake Bugg, The Lumineers, Palma Violets, and Peace. Enjoy, and Happy Writing!

June 27

ATWN Interviews: Arlo Aldo’s Dave Manchester

Alt-folk. Alt-country. The new Americana.  Some of my favorite recent music finds have been dancing around somewhere between those labels.  Neko Case, The Avett Brothers, The Low Anthem, and The Lumineers to just name a few. A new discovery is Arlo Aldo hailing out of Pittsburgh.  We were lucky enough to get in touch with […]

June 26

Setting the Stage with Music

Setting I think a lot of people forget how important setting is when writing a story. Not only is it where and when the story takes place but it can also be personified, as if it’s a character in and of itself. The setting is also a foundation, a place to ground our characters and […]

June 20

The Lost Art of The Mix-Tape

I’m going to date myself here and tell you, I’m a child of the 80’s. There were many great things about the 80’s and none of them include mall bangs, wearing two pairs of socks at the same time or biker shorts. The list of good things is long, but at the top of it […]

June 17

10 Questions with…Tripwires

With Tripwires fantastic debut album, Spacehopper, out today in the U.K. and hitting North American store shelves June 18th, we are ecstatic to have the U.K. psych-rock band on A.T.W.N. 10 Questions with…Tripwires What was it like, being from the small town of Reading in England, recording your debut album in Brooklyn? Recording in Brooklyn was great for us. […]

I’m a Bust A Move Kind of Writer

I’m one of those people who’s wanted to be a writer since I was old enough to understand what it meant. Throughout my childhood, I wrote story after story and shared them with everyone I could.  And then I stopped. I mean, I wrote all sorts of dramatic emo journal entries and some pretty terrible, […]

June 10

Island Tunes

Ok, y’all, I’ve been on vacation for a solid week. Out of cell and wi-fi range (it was spotty at best) in the islands. Specifically, the Abacos. And it was awesome. Here’s a visual: Yup, it was as gorgeous as it looks.:) It was our first family getaway in years (since the birth of boy […]

June 06

Super Obsessive Playlists and Welcome to the Medicine Tribe

If you don’t recognize me at all, it’s because I’m new to All the Write Notes. (When this post is over, you can thank–or blame–Jay Spencer for my arrival) I’m so totally not new to music and writing, though. In fact, they’re just a few of my favourite obsessions (you might recognize part of that […]

Are You Trying to be the Singer, Songwriter and Producer?

When I was little, I had this idea that singers always wrote their own songs. I thought it was incredible that one person could write, sing, arrange and produce a song or a whole album.  Of course, I grew up and learned that was not how it worked. It takes a whole team of people, […]

June 01

ATWN Weekend Covers – May Playlist

Preview of our new look coming soon… This past month we started something new on our Twitter account called “ATWN Weekend Covers.” On the weekends throughout May we tweeted some of our favorite cover tracks along with the hashtag, #ATWNWeekendCovers. The obvious next step…a playlist for you! So, for those who are always in search of something […]

My Newest Obsessions

Please excuse me for this super short post. The last few weeks have been insane around my house. I was out of town, then we had family visit, then my husband went out of town. Then I got sick, and right in the middle of all that, a new book idea just won’t leave me […]

May 27

Query/Submission Playlist

CAN YOU SAY, “EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER?” Querying to find an agent or being on submission to editors can be simultaneously heart-wrenching and joyful. Scary and liberating. Puke-inducing and fulfilling. To help you survive as you dig your way through the query trenches, searching for that perfect agent, or endure weeks of awaiting news from editors who […]

May 23

ATWN Interview: Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis

Speedy Ortiz/photo by Noe Richard                      So, for our readers who don’t already know, the band’s name comes from a character in the Hernandez brothers’ Love and Rockets comics.  I went through a phase in high-school where I couldn’t get enough of indie comics and Love […]