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December 08

Interview with YA author Amy Nichols

Welcome to debut YA author Amy Nichols! Now That You’re Here is a scifi I can’t wait to get my hands on, releasing Tuesday, December 9. Kirkus review, October 2014: “While the world-jumping is fantastical, the personalities and characters (fully individual, without reaching trying-too-hard levels of quirkiness) ring true…. A debut with great characters and […]

October 23

Unsung Heroes

Last month I went to a Thirty Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park concert in Denver and in the middle of the show I had an an epiphany — to be truly successful, something has to have solid support. I witnessed this first hand that night. In the middle of the song Do or Die, […]

July 24

ATWN Interview: YA Author Delilah Dawson

Welcome to Delilah Dawson, author of the YA Southern Gothic Horror, Servants of the Storm! We wanted to the get the inside scoop on how music played such an important role in the creation of this creeptastic novel. Can you give us the blurb or even an elevator pitch about Servants of the Storm?  Southern […]

June 23

Soundtracks Matter

I’ve talked about my appreciation of movie soundtracks before, and even my enthusiasm for accompanying playlists for novels, so it should be no surprise that I revisit this topic further. Along with the other writers here at ATWN, I LOVE the idea of music being a companion and/or influence for other arts, including stories – […]

April 24

Book & Music Genre Correlations

I posed a question to authors through Twitter, Facebook, and my literary agency email loop – Authors: If you could choose one band to represent your book, who would you choose? Answer with the book title, genre, band. Jessica Collins: 30 Second to Mars for everything Jaye Robin Brown: No Place to Fall, YA Contemporary, […]

March 06

Divergent Movie & Music

The YA community is between the Hunger Game movies, so what’s on everyone’s mind? Divergent. If you don’t know about Divergent, the dystopian series by Veronica Roth, check it out on GOODREADS.  The movie releases Friday, March 21st and if you haven’t seen the movie trailer yet, look no farther (click the link below.) For […]

January 23

The Long & Winding Road

Life is a bumpy road, with detours, potholes, cracks, and rocks. Sometimes, there’s a huge freaking boulder blocking the way completely. And the same is true for any journey we begin toward a goal. I’ve traveled down a road to Publication Town for many years now. At first, I was a rickety lemon, wobbling along, […]

December 16


You may have heard Bastille’s single, Pompeii, which is topping all kinds of charts. If you haven’t been one of the 40 million YouTube viewers, this video is a must see. If you like that zombie-end-of-the-world vibe or like to be slightly freaked out, you definitely need to see this. POMPEII Bastille’s Bad Blood album was […]

October 31

The Right Reasons

Why do artists, be it musicians, entertainers, writers, do what they do? Is it to satisfy their audience? Are they just trying to appease agents, editors, producers, etc? Do they want the approval of their family, friends, peers, co-workers, crit partner? We know it’s not for the pay because you have to “make it” in […]

September 19

10 Questions with…Joseph Childress

Welcome to singer-songwriter Joseph Childress, who started writing and playing music in the mountains of Teller County, Colorado when he was 14 years old. Five years later – inspired by Woody Guthrie’s autobiography Bound For Glory – he strapped his guitar, Mama, to his back and hopped a freight train to see the country. Dubbed a […]

Accidental Finds

This scifi nerd if finally writing her first young adult fiction novel and I couldn’t be happier! A new story, new characters, and even a new genre, all of which are really exciting. But with all this newness comes the need for inspiration. I set out to find tunes that would help me figure out […]

June 26

Setting the Stage with Music

Setting I think a lot of people forget how important setting is when writing a story. Not only is it where and when the story takes place but it can also be personified, as if it’s a character in and of itself. The setting is also a foundation, a place to ground our characters and […]

May 27

Query/Submission Playlist

CAN YOU SAY, “EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER?” Querying to find an agent or being on submission to editors can be simultaneously heart-wrenching and joyful. Scary and liberating. Puke-inducing and fulfilling. To help you survive as you dig your way through the query trenches, searching for that perfect agent, or endure weeks of awaiting news from editors who […]

The POSITIVE Playlist

The Positive Playlist Sometimes we need reminded that we, as writers, are chasing a dream. We’re working towards a goal. For most of us, that means publication in some form or another. No matter how different our paths are toward that goal of publication we have to remember that we’re already winners. Why? Because we’re […]

Interview with Agent Michael Bourret

Interview with Agent Michael Bourret Michael Bourret is Vice President and Literary Agent at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management Mr. Bourret heads the West Coast office of DGLM in Los Angeles and represents an impressive list of award-winning and best-selling authors such as: Sara Zarr, Heather Brewer, Nove Ren Suma, Lisa McMann, James Dashner, Brodi […]

February 28

Interview: YA Author Elizabeth Eulberg

Interview with Elizabeth Eulberg YA Author Elizabeth Eulberg is a sweet and FUN (I’ve had the honor of hanging with her a couple times) YA Contemporary author. I first contacted her when her first novel came out and we soon discovered we shared a mutual love of music! (*cough* More specifically Snow Patrol/Gary Lightbody.) I […]

Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything From One Writer to Another In the writing/publishing world, like life in general, timing is everything. Unfortunately, in most instances, we don’t have much control over the element of time. Let’s take a look at a couple of the ways timing is important in the publishing world.  1. Timing in writing: Pacing […]