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March 13

I Dare You

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a long time. Thinking about risks and chances and unexpected surprises. Thinking about new bands and debut novels, about new albums and new directions. (Not that New Direction–the one full of hotties– but if that’s your thing, ROCK ON. 😀  #judgmentfreezone) There are SO many genres of music, […]

November 03

Get your #NaNoWriMo on!!!

As y’all know, it’s November. And you know what that means. No, we’re not talking turkey or football or even God-forbid, Black Friday. We’re talking about something way more intense. More soul-searing. Grueling, even. AND IT’S HAPPENING WRITE  RIGHT NOW. Yup, we’re talking about #NaNoWriMo. If you live in a cave, and have inexplicably never heard of […]

June 26

Guest Post: Author Jen McConnel talks witches, theme songs, and why everything’s better in threes + GIVEAWAY

I’m super stoked to introduce Jen McConnel today! Jen’s the coolest! She’s also the author of the recently-released YA novel DAUGHTER OF CHAOS, and she graciously agreed to pop over, talk writing & tunes, and give away a paperback copy of DOC. So after you read about why EVERYTHING is better in threes… be sure […]

March 27

Guest Post by Amy Rolland + OF BREAKABLE THINGS Playlist!

I’m so excited to have the sweet and talented Amy Rolland on the ATWN blog today! Amy is the author of the AMAZING YA novel, OF BREAKABLE THINGS, out next month. Here’s the synopsis from Goodreads:   Alex Ash was born broken. Living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is like living on death row, but she is willing […]

February 05

The Top Five Songs Behind NIL + ARC giveaway!

Hey everyone! As some of y’all may know, my debut novel, NIL, drops in 26 days. AHHHHHH!!! I’m a *little* excited.:) Here’s the synopsis: On the island of Nil, the rules are set. You have one year. Exactly 365 days–to escape, or you die. Seventeen-year-old Charley doesn’t know the rules. She doesn’t even know where […]

January 02

Bring It, 2014!

When I realized I had the first post of 2014, my first thought was “EPIC.” Like, this post should be EPIC, full of win and encouragement and possibly jazz hands. I felt this post should be… But that’s a lot of pressure. Too much pressure, right? So I decided to take the pressure off and […]

November 21

Odds Are…Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

I saw Barenaked Ladies for the first time in 2001. They were awesome live. I remember singing along to “If I Had A Million Dollars” and “The Old Apartment” at the top of my lungs, and loving every minute of it. I remember being VERY close to one of the speakers (my husband and I […]

August 22

Words and Rhythm: Why Imagine Dragons Rocks the House

Amazing books and killer concerts. Both leave you immensely satisfied, yet wanting more, right? (I would have said with a smile on your face, but sometimes books make you sad too–like the last Harry Potter book. And that’s cool too. Still an epic and very satisfying read, no doubt about it.) The question is WHY? […]

August 05

NIL: the tunes behind the words

Hey sweet readers! As y’all know, the crew here at All The Write Notes is made of writers who love music. It’s why we formed this blog in the first place. For us, music is integral to our writing. And me, I honestly can’t write without it. Sometimes it’s the melody, sometimes it’s the lyrics. […]

June 10

Island Tunes

Ok, y’all, I’ve been on vacation for a solid week. Out of cell and wi-fi range (it was spotty at best) in the islands. Specifically, the Abacos. And it was awesome. Here’s a visual: Yup, it was as gorgeous as it looks.:) It was our first family getaway in years (since the birth of boy […]

Blondfire and AWOLNATION rock the house

Ok, more specifically, on March 16, 2012, they rocked this house: A small venue, standing room only, the kind of venue where there’s no bad seat, er, spot in the house. 🙂 Let me start by saying I love both of these bands, and I know every word to every song they sing, a fact that […]

Pacing Perfection in 4:20 Minutes Flat

Plot. Pacing. They go together like cookies and milk. Good pacing reflects a well-plotted novel, and poor pacing? Well, it’s a plot (and novel) killer. Now, in writing circles, there’s heaps of talk about pantsers versus plotters. About whether you write the story as it comes to you, needing that creative freedom, or whether you […]

The Next Big Thing

Readers comb through bookstores…agents scour slush…editors sift through submissions…critics devour debut novels…all searching for The Next Big Thing. Me? I troll YouTube. Not for new writers, but for new artists. 🙂 Sure I’m on iTunes weekly *cough* daily *cough* checking out the Single of the Week and surfing through Genius recommendations, which many or may […]