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December 30

where is my cane?

I believe it happened while I was sitting in traffic. Or maybe it was during a meeting that was dragging on at work. It happened somewhere that allowed my mind to wander a little. I bet I was doodling. Whatever the situation, however I was reminded, it was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s […]

July 11

Old Rock Star Zodiac

The Ox (1944, 1965, 1973, 2002, 2013) Traditionally, the Ox is known as a zodiacal sign of prosperity through hard work and dauntless resolve. They are regarded as responsible, dependable, intelligent, and financially conservative — traits that would be helpful in the year ahead to be sure, but not typically rock-star-like. But the Year of […]

On Rock Star Friends

The biggest problem in rock journalism is that often the writer’s main motivation is to become friends with the band. They’re not really journalists; they’re people who want to be involved in rock and roll. ~ Chuck Klosterman A friend of mine sent me this quote a few days ago. This is why the music […]

Why I (sort of) hate Led Zeppelin

I’ll get to why I sort of hate Led Zeppelin, but I have to digress for a moment. For context. And so you don’t think I’m a bitch. In another life, some years ago now, I managed 20 or so miscreants at a hair salon. I was a poor college student who needed the job. I […]


When I was assigned March 11 for my next contribution to All The Write Notes, I couldn’t imagine writing anything that didn’t acknowledge the sad fact that my mother died four years ago today. I worked for weeks, and started many drafts, only to realize I couldn’t write anything new.  My mother’s name was Susan and […]

"Grown-Up" "Love" Songs

When I was in high school, I had a teacher who delighted in showing Predator to his students on Valentine’s Day. His broader meaning was clear: Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday worthy of ridicule. His deeper meaning wasn’t clear to me as a teenager, but it’s crystal clear to me as an adult: Predator is […]

6 Things I Learned When I Couldn’t Stop Listening to The Who

Once I was a misanthropic college student who was obsessed with The Who. Rather than narrowing my musical horizons, it wound up expanding my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined at the time. Here are the six most valuable things I learned while indulging my musical fixation with “maximum R&B”:  How to have style. Poor college […]