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March 30

Let’s Build a Stairway To The Stars

My friend builds guitars.  From scratch.  Cuts the wood, shapes and stains them, molds them, paints them. He played guitar for many years, played in a few bar bands, practiced for hours.  He talks non-stop about them, listing his favorite players, his favorite licks, everything.  It’s his obsession. But, the demands of life caught up with […]

February 04

Here to PUMP….You UP!

Okay, okay, okay–there are a lot of you who like to write to music.  I understand why.  The right song helps us get in the frame of mind we need to be in.  Fast paced action scene?  Maybe a little Ramones or Busta to speed things up.  Slow gut wrenching deliberation happening in your story? Why, here’s Andy Suzuki […]

November 20

In The Mood Again

To be completely honest, I hadn’t played an instrument in front of people in just over 14 years. It all started a couple of months ago, when the musical director at my church came to me one Sunday, her finger pointed straight out at me. “You play saxophone, don’t you, Josh?” I told her I […]

October 13

Changing The Tone

Last week, I introduced a guitar playing friend to the Mahavishnu Orchestra.  They had been on my mind recently due to my new favorite online music platform putting them on heavy rotation.  I had done all the prerequisite talking up of the band to my friend, explaining how John McLaughlin was one of the greatest jazz […]

July 14

What’s The Score?

Note:  This post is a little bit inspired by this fantastic post  on soundtracks by ATWN’s own Tonya Kuper.  I highly recommend you read it. It’s that time–Summer movie season.  If you had guessed, my pick for Song Of The Week here at All The Write Notes is based on a Summer movie, Guardians Of The […]

May 29

Variations Of A Theme

Do me a favor–watch this, then tell me if you recognize something familiar.   (I’ll give you a hint–it’s around the 2:27 mark.) Did you hear it?  Just a few notes, but one of the most recognizable themes anywhere.  And a simple variation on it to make it not only stand out, but seemingly belonging […]

April 07

The Sounds of Silence

One thing that always mystified me is when writers talk about their playlists.  Some are simple (a couple of songs or an album or two) while others are very, very, very, very, very detailed–certain songs for certain characters, scenes, and even a pre-writing hype. Me?  I write in complete silence. I used to not be […]

February 27

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Guitar Recitals

Back in December, I got to watch my son have his first guitar recital. He’s 7 years old, and though we bought the smallest guitar we could find, it was still a couple of sizes too big for him.  But he worked hard on it, practicing every night, without fully knowing what a recital would entail. […]

January 13

One Person’s Treasure

I had a really expensive saxophone. It was a Christmas gift from my parents, back when I was a junior in high school.  I was taking lessons from a very talented musician who taught at the University of Mississippi, Dr. Wade Irving, and I felt that I needed the best of the best.  And my […]

November 28

Spring And Fall (To The Readers Of ATWN)

My favorite poem begins like this: Margaret, are you grieving Over Goldengrove unleaving? It’s a poem entitled “Spring And Fall (To A Young Child)” by Gerard Manly Hopkins, and it describes a feeling that most of us experience during these times–the mortality of everything. As fall ends, and the winter months begin, we are keenly aware of […]

October 14

Band Geeks

When I was 17 years old, my life seemed to be consumed with one thing–band.  Yes, there were the normal concerns of a typical 17-year-old male–dating, looking cool, not failing trig, etc.  However, most of my time was spent with my saxophone in hand, practicing and practicing the same music over and over, trying to […]

August 29

Lawd Almighty, I Feel My Temperature Risin’…

The middle of August sucks in Tupelo, MS. As does the beginning of January. And this is due to one singular reason. Elvis Presley. Now, I’m not knocking the guy’s music. In fact, when I was just a wee little man, I used to dig the King all kinds of ways. I would listen to […]

July 22

10 QUESTIONS WITH…Jason Beghtol

A man, fitted with bionic legs to become a super-soldier, is killed in battle. The Powers-That-Be decide that to cryogenically freeze the soldier in order to bring him back, make him better, create the ultimate war machine. However, this process accidentally turns the human portions of the soldier to ice and gives him the ability to control and […]

An Old Fart Listens To "Just Give Me A Reason"

Hi! My name is J (just one letter because my parents were convinced that the birth certificate people charged by the letter and they are frugal), and this is my very first post for All The Write Notes. So, who are you? Good. Cool. Nice to meet you. How’s your mom and them? Excellent. Now […]

Hit ‘Em With The Remix

I thought it was an April Fool’s joke at first, but Nelly just released a country song. Okay, he released a remix of a country song. But when I first heard it on the radio, I actually changed my radio dial because I could’ve sworn I’d been listening to pop radio and not country. I […]