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August 31

Back to Basics

September! (Well…almost.) School supplies line store shelves, buses are back on the roads, and young minds are being filled to the brim whether they like it or not. Though I’m not heading back to the classroom this year as a student or teacher, I am heading back to basics: the basics of writing. When I […]

May 25

Interview and Giveaway: The Backstage Pass Series

Books and music are two of my favorite things in the world. When those two things combine (*cough* All the Write Notes *cough*) awesomeness ensues. That’s why I’m SO excited for the Backstage Pass book series! Confession: as a pre-teen/teen, I was a boy band junkie. The very first concert I ever went to was […]

April 02

Music for the Soul

For a long time, I wasn’t a fan of religious music. I grew up in churches with pipe organs and hymns that contained far too many “thee”s and “thou”s and “thy”s for my taste. By the time we reached the fifth (or sixth or seventh, ugh) verse, I was over it. And as for non-church […]

January 29

New Year, New Books, New Music

I love the novelty of January. A new year. A fresh start. Full of new and exciting opportunities, especially new books and music! Today I’m sharing some debut authors and artists from this month. Check them out and enjoy!   Tunnel Vision by Susan Adrian (Young Adult Science Fiction, January 20) This book has a […]

November 24

Perseverance and Publishing

My love of music started when I was very young. But singing “Do Wah Diddy” with my dad at the top of my lungs wasn’t enough. Listening to Green Day’s “Dookie” on repeat and memorizing every word to Mariah Carey’s “Daydream” didn’t cut it. No, I wanted more. I wanted to make music instead of […]

October 09

Q & A with Author Dierdre Hall (Plus Giveaway!)

Hey, y’all! Today on ATWN, I’m excited to bring you an interview with author Dierdre Riordan Hall! Once you’ve checked out the Q & A (complete with info about her books, road trip discussion, and a couple of impressive playlists) be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win an e-copy of the music-inspired novel […]

August 25

Sequels and Sophomores

We’ve all been there. We’ve read a new book or listened to a new album and absolutely fell in love. We re-read and re-listen and soak in the magic. Then, to our utter delight, we discover that the book is going to have a sequel! Or the artist is already working on a sophomore album! […]

July 10

Hidden Gems

When it comes to great books and music, one of two statements usually apply: 1. Everyone is talking about them. 2. No one is talking about them. (But they should be.) The first statement is very prevalent. Turn on your local radio station. Check out the NYT Best Sellers list. There are some great songs and books, and […]

May 26

Sweet Sounds of Summer

First of all, for those of you in the United States, Happy Memorial Day! A giant THANK YOU to everyone who serves or has served in the armed forces. For those of you in the United States and elsewhere, Happy (Unofficial) Start of Summer! It’s time for warm days, cold drinks, flip flops, and trips […]

April 10

10 Questions with Author Kat Ellis

Today at All the Write Notes, we have 10 questions with YA author Kat Ellis. Kat’s incredible debut novel, BLACKFIN SKY, hits shelves in May in the UK and in September in the US. (I’m contemplating making a trip to the UK in May just so I don’t have to wait those 4 extra months! Who […]

February 24

Playlist, then Plot

Most of the time, I wait to create book playlists until I’ve written a couple of chapters. This gives me time to get to know my characters and pick songs they would like. To firm up my plot or theme and select songs that mesh. Many writers I’ve talked to have the same process: plot, […]

January 16

Stepping Outside the Commercial Comfort Zone

Lately I’ve noticed something slightly unfortunate about both my bookshelf and my music library: they’re very commercial. When I say “very,” I mean that my bookshelf has five shelves, and one is devoted entirely to Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult, and another contains nothing but Harry Potter, Twilight, and Divergent. (Yeah, yeah. Judge me. Then […]

December 09

Too crazy?

*Disclaimer: Please don’t judge my musical tastes by this post. I’m making a writing-related point, okay? Okay. This week, I sent my most recent manuscript to my agent and also finished the final round of edits on my soon-to-be-pubbed debut novel. (Woohoo!) The natural next step is to write something new. The only problem? I […]

October 24

10 Questions With… Ben Rector

Today I am incredibly excited to bring you 10 Questions With… Ben Rector! Ben is a singer/songwriter from Nashville. His songs, including “When a Heart Breaks,” “Beautiful,” “White Dress,” and “Forever Like That,” are all over the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. His latest album, “The Walking in Between” debuted at #16 on the Billboard chart. Fellow […]

September 09

The OTHER Three Acts

Every writer knows about the Three Act Structure, right? Act One – Exposition Act Two – Rising Action Act Three – Resolution As a frequent pantser, I don’t think about this structure as early or often as I should. However, there is a different three act structure that is essential to my work. A structure […]