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April 06

Crawling To The Finish Line

I’m at the beautiful stage in my life where I am wholly aware that my goals come with crippling debt, occasional tears, sleepless nights, and what will one day become a caffeine addiction. Yes, university is amazing and I have met some of the most interesting people while pursuing a childhood dream, but nothing could […]

February 06

The Whole Story

With everyone’s favourite (…) pseudo holiday a week away, it is important to remember that not only is love one of the most powerful forces in our society but it takes on many different meanings. There are so many people who spend Valentine’s Day wondering why the only warm touch they have felt all day […]

December 04

Because I Was Wrong

I consider myself a very open-minded individual when it comes to most aspects of life, but you must know I am very stubborn as well. This week I watched the documentary “Tim’s Vermeer” which I highly recommend to anyone who has fallen in love with the practice of making things, be it art, buildings or […]