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July 06

Here’s Why I Read All Of YOUR One-Star Reviews

I have a confession to make: I read your one-star reviews. And by “your,” I mean, probably, basically all of you fellow YA authors. It’s not because I delight in your pain, I promise you — but because it puts things in perspective. Lemme back up a second. So here’s the thing — my debut […]

March 02

I Hate Rants About YA Cliches — Also Here’s A Rant About YA Cliches

I don’t know about you all, but I kind of hate it when people tell me what to do. Crossing guards, flight attendants, the police — it’s like, get off my back, society. I get really pissed, however, when people write those lists of cliches you’re supposed to avoid when writing YA. Because, you know, […]

January 05

An Interactive New York Travel Guide — With Book And Music Pairings

When you live in a city, each day is basically a bombardment of stimuli. There’s the rattle of the old, decrepit subway cars, the alternating odors of street meat and… other things one finds on the street, the tourists’ soft stomaches as they glance off your elbows as you barrel toward work. The curses of […]

October 30

Tonya Kuper’s ANOMALY Is Coming Out In Less Than A Month — And We Can’t Wait

Do you wish you could control reality? Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Is “Star Wars” a film that many people enjoy? Yeah, I know, a simple “duh” would have sufficed, but I wanted the build-up to be epic for the answer to the above question, which becomes manifest in ATWN contributor Tonya […]

September 24

Win A Copy Of A New Zine For Teens, SMALLER TOWN — Complete With Limited Edition Cassette

The other week, I wrote about going punk-rock and starting my own small press/record label to self-publish my debut YA novel, PLACID GIRL. Now, I’m ready to announce the first offering from All Ages Press: SMALLER TOWN, the first in a series of ‘zines for teens — the inaugural edition of which comes with a […]

September 04

Why I Decided To Go Punk And Self-Publish My Debut Novel

I’m jealous of my friends in bands — for a farther-reaching reason than because they’re better at karaoke than me. It’s because they always seem like they’re doing something. They’re releasing singles! They’re dropping music videos! They’re playing shows! They’re having myriad nervous breakdowns via my GChat window. (All y’all are probably thinking that last […]

June 16

How Querying Is Like Dating — And How To Deal

When I first started querying agents about my YA novel, my very good friend — and crit partner — Stephanie Feuer told me, “Get ready. This is gonna be worse than dating.” At the time, I didn’t believe her (I’m a 20something single woman who lives in Brooklyn… Can anything be more challenging than that?). […]

May 01

Voices We Wanna Kiss: How Romantic Leads Are Like Music

“But… How do you love someone like a love song?” my brother-in-law asked, exceedingly perplexed by the lyrical content of a jam by one Selena Gomez (titled “Love You Like A Love Song”). “She loves this dude like… a thing that talks about love? What does that mean?” he wailed, slapping his hand against the steering wheel […]

March 17

6 Bands Share YA Books That Shaped Them

Every band probably has that one act — that one rabblement of dudes and chicks with guitars and whatnot — that changed them. That made them want to do to what they do (or struggle to do between beige-y desk jobs and gigs slinging drinks and lattes). Nothing is born in a vacuum, after all. […]