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May 24

The Coffee Shop That Has It All

There is a quest every author takes up when he or she begins writing an novel: where to write it. Bedroom? Kitchen table? Sure, why not! But then the chicken wallpaper begins to dance in your peripheral and your cat starts eating your power cord. Your boyfriend begins pestering you to marathon Mad Men with him because, […]

January 26

10 Songs Based on Books

So we all know there are books based off songs — and from my own experiences I can sure as skippy admit that I definitely get some major inspirations from my playlist. Without a good playlist, my stories turn into meandering journeys through piles of word-vomit. So, I’d like to think (at least in some […]

November 27

The Most Famous Bands that Never Existed

Because sometimes, you fall in love with a band that you can’t ever see in concert. And that sucks.