August 17


Sacrifice. Is It Worth It?


I hope you all had awesome weekends ;o) I’ve been thinking recently about sacrifice and how much we should be willing to give up for something we love.

2015-07-29 22.35.05Recently, I had the AMAZING opportunity to see Hozier live, but like every other concert I want to see, it was on a “school night”. In order to fulfill my love of music I had to sacrifice sleep and be a zombie at work. Also, concerts are expensive. If you have to stay somewhere over night, or the tickets themselves. But is it worth it? Yes. I think if you love something it’s always worth it.2015-07-29 22.39.07 In fact, I’m going to see my beloved Foo Fighters a week from today and you better believe the sacrifice is worth it! Sometimes you only have one shot to see your favorite band or write that perfect sentence.

The same can be said about writing too. I’ve spent many-a-night without sleep to get the perfect sentence, or to read the same chapter over and over. I’ve skipped trips to the beach, dinner plans, or other fun activities to revise. But it comes with the territory, right? And please understand I’m not complaining. I am so happy to give up sleep and sanity to go to a good concert or to write that next book.

reading-icarlyThis could work for reading a good book too. I’ve had books I couldn’t put down and even though I was exhausted the next day, it was so worth it! I think that all good things take sacrifice. But if you love the result, I guess it’s not a sacrifice, is it? That said, it’s also good to take a break and “smell the flowers”. It’s the balance that matters!

So, what are you willing to sacrifice for a good concert? Book?

Until next time, rockers!

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