April 09


BUSH: The Live Show

IMG_3254For those of you that are new to ATWN, or yet unaware–my love for the band BUSH is much like fellow ATWN contributor Erica Chapman’s love for the Foo Fighters…it’s very much an epic, life-long, music-of-my-soul kind of thing. I own every album (sometimes several copies), tons of singles, B-sides, know almost every word to every song.

Sure, some might call it obsessed, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But they wouldn’t be entirely right either, because it goes deeper than that. Something about this band’s music, about their lyrics, has always been able to move me. I wrote this post a while back about Gavin’s beautiful abstract writing. I kind of have a thing about words, and yeah, I love the abstract phrasing he uses and the way his songs can mean so many different things.

IMG_3248With live shows like the one I saw in March 2015 in Raleigh, NC, that love continues to grow stronger. If that’s even possible.

Why? Because BUSH is a band that keeps digging in and doing what they love–they keep writing amazing and inspiring lyrics, keep playing shows and giving it their all no matter where they are, keep amazing me with their huge catalogue of music as well as their genuine and heartfelt appreciation for their fans. They never phone it in. They feed off the energy of the crowd.

It’s symbiotic. It’s beautiful. And it isn’t something you get to experience every day.


Things like this just don’t happen anymore:

Yeah. That’s Gavin going out into the crowd during the show, singing and jumping with everyone. (He did this several times.)

They speed it up:

And can slow it down:

And of course, they jam:

These videos certainly don’t do the sound justice. They sounded amazing. And they played songs from every album…it was the very best mix of old and new.

So, yeah. An epic night with my favorite all-time band. Good times.

What about you? Any bands that just “get” you or live shows you can’t live without?

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