Crawling To The Finish Line

I’m at the beautiful stage in my life where I am wholly aware that my goals come with crippling debt, occasional tears, sleepless nights, and what will one day become a caffeine addiction. Yes, university is amazing and I have met some of the most interesting people while pursuing a childhood dream, but nothing could prepare me for the B.O. drenched, anxiety driven month long mental marathon known as finals. Sure, everyone who attends post secondary goes through this experience, but it truly does not have to be as exhausting as it sounds.

I took to the metaphorical streets and asked friends near and far studying a variety of different subjects for their favourite song(s) to study to. The most creative response was “the sound of bears growling and wolves howling, ya know?” and although I couldn’t find a song to fit this niche it seems that the choice is relatively clear, soothing is ideal!

Pull out that dusty textbook, grab some kind of caffeinated beverage, and possibly learn a few things with this playlist in the background. May the curve be ever in your favour.