I Dare You

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a long time.

Thinking about risks and chances and unexpected surprises. Thinking about new bands and debut novels, about new albums and new directions. (Not that New Direction–the one full of hotties– but if that’s your thing, ROCK ON. 😀  #judgmentfreezone)

There are SO many genres of music, and just as many genres of BOOKS. So many new releases in all creative categories.

So how do you choose?

How do you choose what to listen to each day…how do you choose what to read? How do you sift through the static of the internet, how do you stretch beyond the Top 40 List or the Alt 18 countdown or the Bestseller List? We here at ATWN feature a fresh Book of The Week and Song of The Week each week to share what we’re loving and help you discover new books/tunes. Still, in the end, how do you take a chance on an unknown?

You take a risk, right?

Because you may not like the song. But then again, maybe you will. 🙂 Maybe you’ll even love it. Keep it on replay because you’re obsessed.

Maybe you’ll like one song, but not the whole album. It happens. Just like maybe you’ll like the sample chapters on Amazon but you won’t like the whole book. Or maybe you will. Maybe you’ll LOVE the book so hard you re-read it BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT READY TO LET THAT WORLD/THOSE CHARACTERS/THAT MOMENT go.

Or, maybe you’ll like that one book, but not the series. Or . . . maybe you’ll totally fall in love with the series SO FREAKING HARD that you have a book hangover when you finish the last one and you re-read the last chapter again RIGHT AWAY.

I love that.:)

The bottom line is, to find that next book (or song) that you fall in love with–that book that you will re-read over and over and still get ALL THE FEELS and tell all of your friends that they HAVE to read it…that song that you will keep on repeat because you CAN’T STOP LISTENING–you have try something new.  A new book, a new genre. A new author. A new artist.

You have to take a risk.

On this freaky Friday the 13th, I dare you to take a chance on an unknown.:)

Today I dare you to listen to a new artist you find on iTunes or Spotify or Soundcloud…to download a new song (legally please!:D)…to embrace something different from what you normally chill out to. Or run to. Or drive to. Or write to. Or whatever it is that you do when you’re playing awesome tunes.:) BUT get out of your comfort zone!

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” — Andre Gide

Today I dare you to pick up a book by an author you’ve never read. I dare you to take a chance on a new author in an old genre you love… or to dip into a totally different genre from what you typically read and pick up a book that catches your eye. Oh, now we’re back to the big question…

With all the books out there, how do you choose?

Do you let someone chose for you? Do you go to Goodreads or Amazon and let the reviews decide for you whether the book is “bad” or “good” or read-worthy? (Note: reviews are AWESOME. They can help you decide…but don’t let them decide for you. Make sense?:D) Do you only read books on the NYT bestseller list? Do you only read books traditionally published? Do you only read books in one genre?

I hope not.:)

“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.” — Billy Wilder

This is my hope for you: that the next book you choose to read, you pick it up because the cover speaks to you. Because the back flap or Goodreads or Amazon description piques your interest. Because a friend tells you she loved it even though it’s YA contemporary and you never read that or (insert reason to avoid new book here).:D I hope you pick up a new book because you heard of it, somewhere, and it just sounds good; it sounds like something you’ll enjoy, even though you don’t know anyone personally that has read it. I hope that you take a leap. . . take a chance on an unknown… I hope you take a creative risk.

I guarantee the author did too.:)

#GoForIt #IDareYou #BIgRiskBigReward 😉 #HappyFriday

Drop a comment and tell me what album or novel you’ve checked out lately & loved…who have YOU taken a chance on lately?:)