March 06

INDUSTRY DARLING by Caitlin Rantala: An Interview & (a sorta) Review

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You guys, I cannot tell you how much I **LOVED** this book. INDUSTRY DARLING is a captivating, futuristic twist on the music industry. It’s all kinds of fantastically twisted and romantic. I couldn’t put this book down from the first page. I was immediately enthralled in the soon-to-be Ryman’s story. She left her life of nothing to become everything she’d ever wanted. But is what she had always wanted really something to aspire to? Ryman finds out soon enough that life as a star isn’t necessarily as perfect as she had imagined it would be. Throw in a few bad decisions on Ryman’s part, and a imperfect romantic relationship, INDUSTRY DARLING transforms from one of those books you can’t put down, to one of those books you can’t stop obsessing over days after you’ve finished its epic ending.

If you’re looking for a fresh, new take on the NA genre, something that thrills just as much as it intrigues, you can stop looking here. INDUSTRY DARLING is a breath of fresh air and adds Caitlin Rantala as a permanent fixture to my “will always pre-order” list.

Check out the synopsis and an interview with the author below!

About INDUSTRY DARLING: In 2040, the music industry is more cutthroat than ever. When once multi-platinum selling artist Kelly Brite’s daughter Riley lands in Nashville with no money and no where to go, she’s signed by Crazy Kings label. Immediately rebranding her as Ryman Brite, the label has hungry hopes of recapturing the fame and success of her long lost mother, no matter the cost.

In the near future technology, drugs, bribery and lies are currency. Ryan will do anything to become the new industry darling with the help of an equally ambitious and attractive sound engineer Slate Stern. Together the two ride and abuse each other’s coattails to the top. But when Ryman and Slate uncover the deadly secret Music Row executives have been hiding and craft a plan to reveal it at the Grammy’s, the truth comes out about what actually happened to Kelly Brite and whether Ryman belongs to anyone at all.

In this fast paced, New Adult romantic thriller Ryman fights her mother’s ghost, a tragic love story, and her sanity to get a taste of success and stay alive doing it.

Sounds awesome, right? That’s because it is! Now learn more about the incredibly talented Caitlin Rantala by reading my short interview below. 

***Interview with Caitlin Rantala***

CT: Riley or Ryman. Who are you most like and how?
CR: Riley and I are both very stubborn and very goal oriented. I have a habit of deciding I’m going to do something (writing books, designing magazines, training horses, learning martial arts) and then figure out a way to do, even if it seems like I don’t have enough time or enough resources or enough connections to make that happen. Riley is definitely my spirit animal when she takes off for Nashville and is determined to make it and learn how to play the game, no matter what she has to do.
CT: Name one thing that Ryman (Riley) had to do that made you cringe.
CR: STEALING SAVVY’S LYRICS! There are a lot of cringeworthy things Ryman does, let’s be honest, but as a writer, I can’t imagine stealing someone else’s work–especially a friend’s work–and claim it as my own for my own personal gain. That said, it was also incredibly hard for me to write some of the decisions she makes with Slate right before the award’s show. I spent a lot of time looking at my computer saying, “But what are you doing?!”
Now name one thing that the she did in the novel that you wish you could experience for yourself.
The magazine shoot with Kate! I would be in heaven if someone did my makeup in some extreme way, put me in an extreme outfit and gave me my own little photoshoot. I think I could pull off purple hair!
CT: I loved the futuristic feel of INDUSTRY DARLING. Did you set out to write this book in the future, or was it something that happened after you started writing it?
CR: Yes! It was always going to be futuristic. But I set it in 2040, because I didn’t want to write an extremely high science fiction novel, I had more of a Minority Report feel in mind when I wrote it.
CT: The romantic tension between Slate and Ryman was palpable at times (most of the time!). Tell us what you loved most about their love story.
CR: My favorite thing about them is that when they work well together, they work really well. It’s such a simple thing, but it’s true. They have the potential to be such an incredible team and they do really love each other–but whether they meet that potential or that love is enough in the end is only something you can find out by reading the book.
CT: You’ve gotten a ton of love of the ending of INDUSTRY DARLING (deservedly so). Does this surprise you? If so, why?
CR: Spoiler alert: I cried writing that ending. Industry Darling did not always end like that and when I made those final ending revisions and sent it to my CP Tanja, I was incredibly nervous. And even though she loved it, I was still incredibly nervous sending it back to my agent. And even though she loved it, when it was published, I was STILL incredibly nervous about it. I think the way it ends is such a shock to the system that I was afraid I’d get messages like, “WTH did I just read?!” But I am so excited that the ending has resonated with people the way it has. There are so many reasons I ended the book the way I did, but if I told you what those are, I might spoil the whole thing for you.
You can find Caitlin online, and trust me, you want to. She’s awesome.