January 26

10 Songs Based on Books

So we all know there are books based off songs — and from my own experiences I can sure as skippy admit that I definitely get some major inspirations from my playlist. Without a good playlist, my stories turn into meandering journeys through piles of word-vomit. So, I’d like to think (at least in some little way) it can happen the other way around, too.

Here are 10 Songs Based on Books, and some of them might surprise you.

1. Who Wrote Holden CaulfieldGreen Day. Not the most poetic song dedicated to the great and terrible hunter-hatted teenager, but definitely one of the catchiest. And let’s face it, Billie Joe singing about Holden? My teenage scene self truly approves.

2. In the End, My Chemical Romance. Another punk-rock favorite, this time inspired by Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily, albeit slightly updated.

3. Time To Dance, Panic at the Disco. Ah, the days when Brandon and Ryan sang together. When Panic at the Disco was more than a one-man juggernaut, but a band of epic proportions constantly inspired by Chuck Palahniuk. This one in particular is inspired by Invisible Monsters.

4. These BonesDashboard Confessional. Whether you like Twilight or not, you have to admit this is a pretty neat song. As the story goes, Chris Carrabba wrote this after reading this first book in the series. I wonder what he would’ve written when he found out about the little Nessie monster? But if you still can’t stomach Twilight, then have no fear. Dashboard has you covered with Ender Will Save Us Allvaguely inspired by… oh what was that book called again?

5. Ramble On, Led Zeppelin. Any Lord of the Rings fans out there? Anyone? Good. Because if you are, chances are you already know how big of a nerdy geeky wonderful dude Robert Plant was. Between this and Misty Mountain Hopwizard rock has nothing on Zeppelin.

6. Barefoot Children in the Rain, Jimmy Buffet. Ah, the great and terrible Parrotheads. Inspired by fellow riverboat lover Mark Twain and his classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, with the steel drum chorus and the mellow beat, you forget for a moment that you aren’t at the beach, sipping a margarita.

7. If I Die YoungThe Band Perry. Such a depressing song! Then again, the original inspiration, Tennyson’s The Lady of Shalott, wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies either. There are so many uncanny nuances in this song, even the worst english major can point them out.

8. 1984David Bowie. Do I really need to say more?

9. Poet, Bastille. If you haven’t listened to anything other than Pompeii by this amazing band, drop whatever you’re doing right now and go listen to Poet because dear God, if Shakespeare ever had a theme song, this would be it. This would definitely be it. Inspired from Sonnet 18, you probably know where this is going.

10. Run, Blue of Colors. This alternative-indie band took direct inspiration from Eric Smith’s high-fantasy epic INKED for this one. Mellow and subtle, it’s catch in all the right ways.

So, what’s your favorite book-to-music song?