Bonnaroo Preview

The lineup for Bonnaroo 2015 was announced last week, and SO MANY of my favorite bands are going to be there! I’m planning to make the trip for the first time this year, so I’ve been eagerly waiting to find out who I’ll get to see perform live. For the full lineup, go here.

There are currently about 100 acts listed on the web site, and I obviously can’t give you a taste of all of them in this post, so instead, I’ll be completely narcissistic (shocker) and give you a preview of the acts I’m most excited to see. I’ll be working while I’m there, which means I won’t be able to see everyone, so I’ll have to basically bribe my coworkers to make sure I get breaks when my favorites are playing. Here’s my list of must-see acts this year, in order. Ready?

1. Twenty One Pilots. I am obsessed with them. There is nothing better than that moment in Car Radio where the music builds and builds until you explode with happiness. (You’ll find it at 3:00 in the video below. IT IS THE MOST PERFECT MOMENT THAT EXISTS IN ALL OF MUSIC I DARE YOU TO SHOW ME A BETTER ONE.)


2. Ben Folds. We all remember how much I love Ben Folds and every single thing about his style, yes? He’ll be performing with yMusic, and I’m so interested to hearing their collaboration.

3. Billy Joel. There are few songs more romantic than She’s Got a Way, right? The lyrics are so perfect. “She’s got a smile that heals me…”


4. Alabama Shakes. Brittany Howard’s voice. That is all.


5. Earth, Wind, & Fire. Because how do you have the opportunity  see Earth, Wind, & Fire perform and NOT take it?

6. Brandi Carlile. The Story is one of my most favorite songs of all the time. I love the beat, her voice, the lyrics–everything.


7. Hozier. I just really, really NEED to watch him sing Take Me to Church.

There are several others that I’m hoping to see–Dawes, Ben Harper, Gary Clark, Jr., Florence + the Machine, Guster, Bleachers, My Morning Jacket, to name a few. I’m also pumped to check out the unfamiliar names in the lineup and find new bands to fall in love with. Bonnaroo says there will be more than 125 musical acts and over 20 comedians, which means they’re not through announcing all the acts yet, which means BEYONCÉ COULD STILL COME, YOU GUYS.

Which names are you most excited about in the lineup?