Loudwire recently polled their followers about which rock album was their most anticipated of January of the new year. See the list of new or upcoming albums here.

I 100% agree with the results of the poll. I cannot wait to hear the full F.E.A.R. album by Papa Roach.

What I love about Papa Roach is that each album they release has a different vibe. They’ve been around since their first hit, “Last Resort,” in 2000, but they’ve grown and given their fans a variety of albums each time. From the rock-rap in their album Infest to the ballad “Forever” from The Paramour Sessions to the angry “Burn” on Time for Annihilation and then the headbanging “Where Did the Angels Go” from the album The Connection. All awesome but definitely different.

F.E.A.R. arrives on January 27, but if you preordered like I did, you’d have four of the songs from the album already. I’m loving all four, and I’m pretty excited to hear some old school and new Papa Roach when I see them live in a few weeks. I’ve seen over 100 bands live, and Papa Roach kills it live like no other. Lead singer, Jacoby Shaddix, is all over the place and makes sure everyone is jumping along. Check out tour dates here. An amazing rock show is in store for you.

Check out one of my old faves, “To Be Loved.”

Now check out the first single from F.E.A.R., “Face Everything and Rise.”