January 12


Emotional Songs – Hinder or Help Your Story?

Hey there!

I hope you all had a great weekend ;o) I’m in the middle of writing a new WIP and I got addicted to a song that I’ve been playing on repeat (hint: it’s the ATWN song of the week: Sia – Elastic Heart) and it got me thinking… is this affecting the words I’m writing on the page in a good way or a bad way? I remember hearing it could potentially hinder your story and I didn’t agree at the time, but now I may…


I’ll explain.

When you’re listening to a song on repeat and you’re taking in those lyrics and feeling those notes, it can and will trickle into your writing. If you’re writing a darker, emotional WIP then that’s great, right? But I’m writing a YA Contemporary that’s more funny than emotional. So listening to this song could inadvertently cause my MC to become more overdramatic than the scene warrants. Instead of just commenting on an observation the MC could internalize it more. Which could be good. Who knows? Only you know your characters. During a first draft I usually write more funny/dialogue heavy than emotional anyway. Emotion gets weaved in during the first revision. So really, not sure it makes a difference but it might…

Sia Elastic heart

In comparison, emotional songs could also enhance a scene that needs more emotion. And maybe a scene that you thought didn’t need a lot of feeling and heart suddenly has some needed words thanks to that song. It’s kind of amazing what music can do to writing–at least in my experience.

What do you think? Do you listen to music when writing and have you found it affects the words? Which songs do you listen to while writing?

Have a great week!!


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