Cover Reveal: Industry Darling by Caitlin Rantala

I’ve been dying to share the cover of Industry Darling with you all! Honestly, the suspense is killing me, I’ve almost spoiled my own surprise three times this week! But before I reveal it, in case you have no idea what I’m talking about – my debut new adult novel, Industry Darling, is coming out on January 20, 2015 and here’s a quick run down of it:

In 2040, the music industry is more cutthroat than ever. When once multi-platinum selling artist Kelly Brite’s daughter Riley lands in Nashville with no money and no where to go, she’s signed by Crazy Kings label. Immediately rebranding her as Ryman Brite, the label has hungry hopes of recapturing the fame and success of her long lost mother, no matter the cost.

In the near future technology, drugs, bribery and lies are currency. Ryman will do anything to become the new industry darling with the help of an equally ambitious and attractive sound engineer Slate Stern. Together the two ride and abuse each other’s coattails to the top. But when Ryman and Slate uncover the deadly secret Music Row executives have been hiding and craft a plan to reveal it at the Grammy’s, the truth comes out about what actually happened to Kelly Brite and whether Ryman belongs to anyone at all.

In this fast paced, New Adult romantic thriller Ryman fights her mother’s ghost, a tragic love story, and her sanity to get a taste of success and stay alive doing it.

Yes, that’s right, I wrote a music industry thriller. Because why not? I’ll talk more about why I wrote it and what inspired it later (that’s another post for another time).

So are you ready?


Here’s the cover!


Are you screaming at your computer screen right now, too?!


And for fun, here’s an excerpt. Don’t worry, no spoilers.

“My name’s Slate,” he said, extending his hand.


“I’m Riley,” I said. I shook his hand and looked down at his arm. The underside of it, from wrist to elbow, was riddled with scars. Mountains and valleys landscaped his skin. I tried not to stare, but it was too late, I was already fixated.


He pulled it back quickly, wiping his palm on his jeans. “I–uh–used to be an addict,” he said.


Oh. I felt instant guilt from gawking at his track marks. “I’m sorry, you don’t have to explain–”


“No, it’s okay. It’s cool. It’s not some deep dark secret. Everyone here knows. I’ve been around for a while. But I’m totally clean. I haven’t used in years.”


“Congratulations,” I said.


“Thanks,” Slate said. “It’s a lot easier to be an audio engineer when you’re not high.” He glanced down at my bare arms, reminding me that I’d forgotten about my own scars. “You still use or no?”


I didn’t have quite as many marks as he did, but what I did have was noticeable. I’d totally forgotten about them. “Yeah. I just experimented a few times. No big deal. I’m clean. Well, I mean, I still drink, but everyone needs a good vice, right?”


He laughed. “Yeah, I think they do.”


We locked eyes on each other like we were toying with the idea of becoming each other’s newest bad habit. At least, for just this one night.


Slate broke his stare first. “So you haven’t been signed yet, huh?”


“Nope, tomorrow though. It’s a sure thing.”


“A confident woman, I like it. Who you signing with?”


“Crazy Kings,” I said, this time letting myself smile widely.


Slate threw his head back and laughed. “Then you, Gorgeous, are going to need another drink and then some. Hey, Frank,” he called over the bar. “Two more shots–one whiskey, one vodka. So how’d you get a gig like that? Not every day someone just lands a contract with Crazy Kings.”


I smiled smugly. “I know some people.”


“New girl’s got some connections, huh?”


“Yeah, I had a meeting with Colt Hemmings today.”


Slate raised an eyebrow. That impressed him. “You must be a pretty big deal. Colt doesn’t take many meetings with new artists.”


I shrugged. “I got a few tricks up my sleeve.”


Slate bit the side of his tongue and clucked it under his breath. “Is that so? You gonna let me in on your secrets then?” He reached over and tucked one of my curls back behind my ear and tapped my chin before he leaned back again. “Because I’m really good at keeping secrets safe,” he whispered.


“Maybe,” I grinned. “Are you gonna buy me another drink?”


Like magic, another shot appeared. I downed it. “So what about you?” I asked. “What’s your deal here?”


“I have some connections too,” he said and winked at me. I was smiling too much, wasn’t I? God, he was just so–so–something. I couldn’t put my finger on it. He was charming and confident and I wanted to know him in every way possible. I wanted him to teach me how to be like him. “Tell me though, what’s a pretty girl like you doing drinking at bar by herself?”


“I don’t really know anyone here yet,” I said. I knew Savannah, but I had no idea where she was.


“Well, now you know me,” he said.


“What else can you tell me about this place?”


Slate laughed. “How much time do you have?”


By the fourth shot, Slate was looking better than he did initially, which I didn’t know was possible. He was leaning into me too, his elbow brushing mine, his lips whispering industry secrets into my ear.


“Steer clear of Evelyn,” he laughed. “She’ll want to cut all your hair off and dye it blue, just to see how the public will react.”


“Noted,” I said. His lips were so close to mine. His breath smelled like black licorice and suddenly I thought I might be up for the taste of vodka after all. I leaned in a little closer, nearly toppling off my stool. But he caught me in his arms, his lips finishing what mine had started.


I forgot about my pending contract. I forgot about Colt. I forgot about Crazy Kings. All I wanted to think about was kissing Slate and how good it felt. His lips were warm and sweet from the alcohol. He was my fifth shot of whiskey, a whole new kind of drunk.

You’re totally ready to read it now, right? Still gotta wait until January, but you can pre-order it on Amazon now!

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