November 13


Why Foo Fighters Are The Greatest Band.

Hi Everyone!!

Dave happy in audienceI hope you’re having a great week so far!

So, anyone who knows me knows this post was coming, and what better week to talk about my beloved Foos than release week of their new album Sonic Highways!!

I’ve loved this band a long time. It started in high school and continued as they put out album after album and toured the country. I was lucky enough to see them three times live.

But why are they the greatest band?

  • They collaborate a lot. Dave Grohl has been quoted as saying he’s a total slut when it comes to music, and I agree. The guy is everywhere. Let us not forget that Dave was the drummer for Nirvana, and Queens of the Stone Age for a bit there. The Foos are always adding artists to their albums. For Sonic Highways, there’s a ton of collaboration with artists all over America.
  • Sonic Highways the TV series. If you don’t know what it is, I urge you to watch their HBO show (if you have it). Basically the Foos went to several different cities, interviewed the artists from those cities and then Dave wrote songs about each city. Kind of amazing and different.
  • They recorded an entire album (Wasting Light) on tape (that’s old school y’all) and looked a lot harder to do from their Back and Forth video. AND they won 5 grammy awards for it.
  • They shun activists. In 2011 before their concert in Kansas City they performed a counter-protest song against the Westboro Baptist Church protesters.
  • They know their roots. They recently played Chicago’s Cubby Bear and they continue to play smaller venues for fun. They’ve also been known to do impromptu shows. I wish I lived closer to L.A.
  • Dave Grohl is the coolest front man there is. Who doesn’t want to be friends with this guy? He’s funny, real, doesn’t take any crap, and he can write a song in minutes.
  • They don’t take themselves seriously. Dave’s been known to say how stupid their band name is and had he known they would get big he wouldn’t have chosen it. If you watch any of their videos you’ll see their humor shining through.
  • This quote “You have to understand, we’re a really simple band. We think we suck and we try really hard to make good records and we practice. We don’t feel like the biggest, best band in the world. We just feel like the same five dorks that were touring in a van 17 years ago, that hasn’t changed.”
  • Foo Fighters stand the test of time. They’ve been a successful band for 20 years. Don’t believe me? Just try getting tickets for their concerts! They continue to be inventive and prolific, just like many writers I know ;o)

I know I’m totally biased. I have a huge attachment to this band for many reasons, but they’re hard to ignore, you have to admit that.

I wonder what they’ll do next?

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Rock On!