October 30


Tonya Kuper’s ANOMALY Is Coming Out In Less Than A Month — And We Can’t Wait

Do you wish you could control reality? Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Is “Star Wars” a film that many people enjoy?

Yeah, I know, a simple “duh” would have sufficed, but I wanted the build-up to be epic for the answer to the above question, which becomes manifest in ATWN contributor Tonya Kuper’s debut novel, ANOMALY.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the impending release of this way exciting novel, set to drop on November 25 via Entangled Teen (THAT’S SO SOON).


ANOMALY is the first in Kuper’s brand-new series, the Schrodinger’s Consortium trilogy, and tells the tale of Josie — who is having basically the worst birthday ever. Her boyfriend dumped her. Her dad is kind of MIA. And she’s seriously missing her brother, who died when he was 17 (the age she is now). Things start to turn around (kind of), though, when Josie discovers she can control reality with her mind — and when she meets another Oculi (that’s what she’s called, btw) named Reid who just happens to be extremely hot. I imagine him looking a little something like the below:


We have a little less than a month until ANOMALY hits Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Powell’s and basically everywhere else, but, in the meantime, Tonya made us a rad playlist to help us count down the days.

Now let’s all use our collective mind power — ala Josie — and get time to speed up, shall we?