September 29


Flattery Will Get You Everywhere.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I got to meet some awesome YA authors so it was fun for me! So The Voice is back and I’m loving this new group of judges. Pharrell is out for blood!

Pharrell the voice

If you don’t watch The Voice, it’s similar to American Idol, where singers perform covers of songs and get judged. It got me thinking about how singers interpret songs and make them unique, make them their own. In many instances, I love the cover more than the actual song. It’s not unlike how writers can interpret different ideas. It’s kind of like fan fiction, right? A cover is the fan fiction of a song. And can we talk about how good reduxs are these days?

One of my favorite redux’s is the CINDER series by Marissa Meyer. In CINDER Marissa twists the Cinderella story. So even fairy tales that have been around forever can be re-imagined. Dare I say, I like Marissa’s take on Cinderella better than the original (I know. Who are you right now, Erica?) But come on, Cinder is tough and fierce and bad ass–the kind of Cinderella I would read every book of.

So how does one stand out when writing the same idea as someone else?Andy-Dwyer-Saying-Great-Idea

Your voice.

Your choice of words.

Your spin on something new.

Your history.

Your insight into the world.

Ideas spawn other ideas which build on other ideas and so on… there’s no limit to the way someone can interpret an idea or if we’re talking about music, a song. A lot of people get worried when someone has the same idea as them. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself: How could they have the same idea as me? How can I write it now? I’m screwed. I’ve been there. I get it. But to that I say, there are over 7 billion people in the world; someone is bound to have the same idea, right? But the combination of your experiences and feelings will make whatever you write different than someone else. That’s what’s so awesome about humanity–the uniqueness of each of us, our brains, our hearts.

So get out there and write those ideas!

Have a great week!


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