September 11

The Compact Disc – Why I’m not ready to quit them just yet.

My family and I recently closed on and moved into our new house. After nine months of displacement in a tiny apartment (with 3 kids and 3 dogs, mind you) I can’t tell you how very exciting this time is for us. We are thrilled to have a true home again. We are also thrilled to have our all of our things (4 bedrooms worth of things!) out of storage.

Unfortunately some of our things got damaged in storage due to moisture issues and a bad winter storm that sent a tree limb through the roof of one of the units. Sure, some of it we realized we never even missed and were able to easily part ways with, but other things that were damaged make us want to cry. Things like the boxes of compact discs that were waterlogged. The discs themselves are generally okay as we can just wipe those suckers clean and still use them, if needed. And, yes, we do still use compact disc players–mostly in the car, but still.

The cover art, however, isn’t quite so lucky. Everyone knows that paper and water just don’t mix. They don’t. Water does things to paper. Things like breaking the paper down to the point of crumbling, and when it isn’t doing that, water acts like glue and binds paper together, which, you guessed it, makes it nearly impossible to pull apart at a later date without completely ruining said paper. So yeah. That’s what happened to the cover art of nearly 100 compact discs that we own.

Maybe I’m being all nostalgic and should just move one, but dang it, I love a compact disc still. I love holding the artist’s work in my hands and opening the cover art and flipping through the lyrics and/or artwork there. I love getting that inside glimpse into the heads of those that I love to let spill out through my speakers. And I love it best when I can actually turn the page in my hand, and not just on my phone/computer/iPod.

This probably sounds familiar, right? It feels an awful lot like the ebook/print book challenge many of us now face. We love holding the paper copy in our hands and flipping the pages. We love the smell of the ink on the paper and get excited to pet (that’s not just me, right?) the pretty covers when browsing our local bookstores. But then the ebook is just so convenient. It’s so easy now to just download a book, and have it instantly. No need to drive to the store or wait for it to be delivered to your house from your favorite online retailer.

I will admit that I do love ebooks. More than I thought I would, actually. I adore the convenience of them. I look forward to reading lying in bed every night and not having a heavy four-hundred page book to hold, making my wrists tired. It’s awesome that I can read while my children at are Tae Kwon Do without having to carry a physical book around. But I do still love my paper books as well. My favorite authors and books always get real estate on my physical bookshelf as well as my virtual one.

The same goes for my favorite musicians. I purchase the hard copy of the music and load it into my iTunes. I love knowing that if something ever happens to my virtual library I will always have a back up at home, not to mention all the other things I mentioned already that I like about owning the actual disc. Maybe it’s old school now. Maybe I’m becoming a dinosaur in my own right, but for now, I think I’m going to stick to my guns and keep buying those compact discs.

As for those we lost due to water damage? Let’s all cross our fingers that we get the funds from the insurance policy to buy them again. Otherwise we can just assume this will be my face every time I think about all the great artwork we lost:


(This is my youngest son after being denied eating mulch. Such sadness.)