Five Songs for Kissing

It’s no secret that I use music to help me write. Typically, it’s either the lyrics or the beat of the song that helps me through a scene (lyrics for the super emotional ones, beat for the action scenes). But when it comes to kissing and romance, the songs I listen to have to have that magical mixture of perfect words, rhythm, and voice. With that in mind, here are five of the latest additions to my Kissing playlist.

1. Stay With Me – Sam Smith

I feel like Sam Smith might be suffering from a bit of over saturation in the market. My local radio stations are seriously in love with him. I can hardly drive anywhere without his voice making an appearance at some point. So here’s the thing–I really want to be sick of him. BUT I’M NOT. And this song…*sigh*

2. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I’m addicted to this song. It’s so playful and cute–perfect for a sweet, flirty scene.

3. Let Me Hold You – Josh Krajcik

Josh Krajcik’s voice is amazing. He could sing Happy Birthday and I’d melt all over myself.

4. She Is Love – Parachute

I love how he loves her in this song.

5. Belong – Cary Brothers

Not all kisses are happy. Sometimes, you have to have goodbye kisses. This song is good for those.

What are some of your favorite songs for kissing?