August 05

Summer Mix

I’m about 2/3 of the way through my summer.  Being a teacher, I have a very clear definition of what my summer actually looks like and my summer is coming to a close.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not whining.  I’m very aware that I still have about twenty days left of unabashed work-free living (although, it is one of the great myths of the world that teachers don’t do anything during the summer…I will happily let you do all of my lesson planning for next year and you can tell me if it was actually work or not).  Still, hitting the 2/3 marks definitely brings with it a sense of impending closure.  And everyone who grew up on “Is it real or is Memorex” knows that the only way to close out any significant event in one’s life is a mix tape.  Right?

My mix-tape is a little different though.  It isn’t just tunes (but there’ll be some of those).  It’s all the things.  All. The. Things.

Track One:  Revisions

I’m back in the revision cave and anyone who pays any attention to any of my social feeds will notice that they’ve basically gone silent.  I disappear into myself when it’s revision time and, believe me, it’s revision time.  My agent and I both agree that I’m inches away.  Spit and polish.

Track Two:  Spreading the love

People think that authors are competitive.  I don’t think we are.  I think our chosen industry is highly competitive but, in my experience, the people writing the words are not (although that doesn’t seem to stop any of us from constantly throwing out hat in the ring for every pitch-a-thon and query-fest out there.)  Still, I share my friend’s successes and I have a few right now.

Firstly, is the release of our very own Megan Whitmer’s book release.  Go and get yourself a copy right now and make yourself very happy. You can do so HERE.

Another of my CPs has just released her first book as well and you should go and grab that one HERE.

And, last but not least, is the soon-to-be-published work of another CP of mine which you can pre-order right HERE.

Track Three: My song of the summer

I can’t get enough of this song.  I’ve got tickets to check these guys out this September.


Like any good mix-tape, the thing needs to get passed around. Shared and shared again.  So, let’s make our own mix-tape.  Future Islands are my band of the summer.  What’s yours?  What track has been taking you through the steamy days and steamier nights of the sunny season?