July 10


Hidden Gems

When it comes to great books and music, one of two statements usually apply:

1. Everyone is talking about them.

2. No one is talking about them. (But they should be.)

The first statement is very prevalent. Turn on your local radio station. Check out the NYT Best Sellers list. There are some great songs and books, and everyone knows it.

But some of my favorites fall into the second category. They’re the hidden gems that I stumble upon and immediately love. The books that I finish and can’t believe no one else on Twitter has read. The songs I hear and need to purchase immediately, even if they are hard to find.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite hidden gems. Check them out, then share your favorite hidden gems in the comments!

Song: “Foundation” by The Jason Adamo Band

Why It’s a Gem: So much passion crammed into one song. A little bit of country, a little more rock, and a lot of heart.


Song: “Sailboat” by Ben Rector

Why It’s a Gem: The LYRICS. And Ben’s VOICE. All the feels.


Book: Exposed by Kimberly Marcus

Why It’s a Gem: It’s a YA novel written in free verse, in which the three and four line poems are just as stunning as the three and four page poems. Marcus keeps readers guessing, and makes us side with different characters as the story progresses.



Book: All the Sundays Yet to Come by Kathryn Bertine

Why It’s a Gem: This is an older book that has survived many of my bookshelf purges. It’s the sometimes humorous, sometimes painful, but always beautiful memoir of a professional figure skater. It’s one of those books that’s truly unforgettable.



Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite hidden gems? Let’s make them not-so-hidden anymore!

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