June 12

The Funk: A Call For Help

Consider this my call for help.


(this is me…the one being hugged)

It’s not often that it happens.

That horrendous, painful abyss I call The Funk.

It’s when I’m completely devoid of all inspiration to listen to old music, find new music, and simply touching my iPod makes me bored. It’s truly awful. But what’s worse is that I have realized that The Funk doesn’t only affect my musical escapes, it also affects my writing groove. Meaning, if I’m in a musical funk, I’m also in a writing funk.

And I’ve been in The Funk for weeks. Weeks that are encroaching on MONTHS. Needless to say, I’m getting quite frustrated. That frustration leads me to wonder if the two are directly correlated. I don’t always write while listening to music, but I do find a great deal of inspiration in the music I listen to. Whether it’s just a lyric that really hits home, or a whole song that captivates my imagination, making me want to write nonstop until the story is complete, there is no doubt that music has played a huge role in my writing process over the years.

So, yes, I do think the two are directly correlated. The next question is: How do I get myself out of The Funk? Will it be a great new band that pulls me out? Will it be a shiny new idea that opens up that creative passageway again?

Have you ever experienced The Funk? If so, I’m open to any tips you can give me that helped you get The Funk out. Feel free to pass on new band names that you think might help.

This music lover and aspiring author is getting desperate.

(See? That’s me again. Desperate.)


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