Fate: Does It Happen For A Reason?


I hope this week is going well for everyone. So, I recently got back from the RT Convention in New Orleans! YES. It was amazing and I got to meet and hang out with some fellow Write Noters and twitter friends! I also learned more about the craft of writing and hobnob with industry and publishing peeps! It was pretty epic and completely unforgettable. New Orleans is hard to get out of your system after you leave. I think I’ll be finding remnants in my soul for a while…

So while I was in NOLA, I learned that the Foo Fighters (my favorite band in the world, for those who don’t know me) were in town recording a song for their new album. When I heard this I thought it was fate. I’m FINALLY going to meet Dave Grohl, the rock idol I’ve been worshiping since the nineties. I searched the streets and kept an ear out for sightings but the Foos hid in the french quarter pretty well. I wish I could say I found them, but I didn’t. In fact at the airport on my last day, to rub salt in the ever festering wound, the airport security guard asked me if I saw their concert while I was visiting NOLA (he had seen my Foo Fighters t-shirt while I was in line). Dave frustrated

WHAT? They had a concert? So, not only did I not see them, they played a concert only a few blocks from where I was walking around!! How did I not know? Was it not fate?

I wanted to cry, but when I took off in that plane, my headphones on, looking out the window and watching this unforgettable city shrink in the distance, it wasn’t the Foo Fighters I thought about–it was my friends. That’s how fate works, I guess. If I had found the Foo Fighters and watched them in concert, I might have missed a great conversation with a friend or pub peep, or missed making a connection with someone, or took for granted a moment that would be important in my life.

SEE, we don’t really know, do we? Sometimes we make snap decisions based on what we have in front of us, and sometimes we just know what we’re supposed to do. This happens in writing and in life. It’s these decisions that shape who we are, so if we surrender to that, we may feel better about decisions we make, or feel content with letting fate take its course. At least I do! Am I completely bummed I missed the Foo Fighters–YES! It would have been great to meet Dave on the street and tell him how he helped shape my life through the notes of his songs, but I wouldn’t take back a moment I spent with people I adore. In the end, that’s what really matters most ❤

So, Dave, we will meet someday ’cause it’s fate ;o)

Dave happy in audience Rock on!


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