Book & Music Genre Correlations

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I posed a question to authors through Twitter, Facebook, and my literary agency email loop –

Authors: If you could choose one band to represent your book, who would you choose? Answer with the book title, genre, band.

Jessica Collins: 30 Second to Mars for everything

Jaye Robin Brown: No Place to Fall, YA Contemporary, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

Summer Heacock (Fizzy): Women’s Fiction, P!ink

Dawn Chartier: Contemporary Romance, One Republic

Zoraida Cordova: The Vicious Deep, YA Urban Fantasy, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Eliza Tilton: Broken Forest, YA Fantasy, A Perfect Circle

Lane Heymont: The Freedman and the Pharaoh’s Staff, Historical Fantasy, Muddy Waters

Dan Krokos: Tool, for everything (False series, YA SciFi & The Planet Thieves, MG SciFi)

Shelley Watters: Burn Me, Contemporary Romance, HIM

Jim Cangany: Fallen Star, Contemporary Romance, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Kim Baccellia: Crossed Out, YA Paranormal, Linkin Park

Renee Wynne: Untitled, YA Paranormal Romance, Dead Letter Circus

Diane O’Key: Cherish the Knight, Historical Romance (11th Century England), Celtic Thunder

Lea Griffith: No Mercy, Romantic Suspense, Radiohead

Lisa Brown Roberts: How to Drop a Class & Fall in Love, YA Contemporary, Snow Patrol

Lynette Austin: Somebody Like You, Contemporary Romance, The Band Perry

Ashlyn Chase: Kissing with Fangs series, Paranormal Romance, Imagine Dragons

Sonia Weiss: Stealing the Groom, Contemporary Romance, The Wanted

Chantele Sedgwick: Love, Lucas, YA Contemporary, Imagine Dragons

Amie Louellen: Blame it On Texas, Romantic Comedy, Brad Paisley

Anna Hamilton: Killing Perfection, Romantic Suspense, The Lumineers

Cecy Robson: The Weird Girls series, Urban Fantasy, The Killers

Nikki Urang: The Hit List, NA Contemporary, We The Kings


The results: 23 responses

Categories & genres of books: 8 YA’s, 4 contemp rom, 2 historical fiction, 2 romantic suspense, 1 UF, 1 women’s fic, 1 pnr, 1 NA

Music genres: 1 Blues, 2 Country, 14 Rock/Alternative, 2 Folk/Singer-Songwriter, 3 Pop/Pop Rock, 1 Celtic singing group


What correlations can we make between book and music genre from this small, random cross-section of authors?

Nothing, really. (<– Yes, that’s my highly scientific answer.) One person who writes YA Contemporary is not going to like the same band as another YA Contemporary author. An Urban Fantasy author may or may not love the same music as a middle grade author. Like with books, music is subjective. It all depends on what moves us. I’m going to match several bands with my book that a reader may or may not like. If they don’t care for the bands I’d match to my book, they could still LOVE my book and visa verse. So, I guess my point is this: A lot of authors are listing bands, songs, or playlists for their published/soon-to-be-released novels. If you don’t care for the music listed, don’t cross the book off your TBR list. That book could still be your future favorite that you recommend to others.

That being said, and I speak for myself, if I see a novel I’m interested in PLUS the author listens to music I like/matches a band I dig to their book, you betcha I’m going to check it out. Like Dan Krokos’ FALSE MEMORY (YA SciFi) that was already on my TBR list just catapulted to the top.

False Memory




Thank you to all the authors above who helped me by taking the time to answer my question. If you see a book or book/music combo that appeals to you, look for the author on Facebook or Twitter, or contact me and I’ll give you a link. Help support these authors who love music!

Cheerleader out, yo!

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