In Real Life: Seeing Is Believing

Hi Everyone!

So, I’ve recently had themma-stone-excitede opportunity to see Imagine Dragons in concert. I KNOW. It was amazing. I try to go to 3-4 concerts a year. Why? Because there’s nothing like hearing music live.

I’m not sure what happens, but as soon as you’re singing along with everyone to a song you’ve heard a thousand times, there’s just something that changes about how you FEEL about that band. Same goes for meeting an author. When you meet that author, the next time you see their book, aren’t you more inclined to pick it up? Don’t you feel a different connection to them as before? I know I do.

I rememberCarol, Veronica Roth and me when my friend Carolina Valdez Miller (picture courtesy of her) and I met Veronica Roth, author of DIVERGENT (for the two people left who don’t know who she is) in 2011 at the awesome Anderson’s Book Shop in Naperville. This was before Veronica was a writing mega-star, so it wasn’t crazy and we got the chance to talk to her a little. Just that small connection made me want to read anything she wrote. She was extremely kind and gracious and talking to her made me want to run back to my WIP and get it into shape. That’s the thing. It INSPIRED me.

Same goes for when I saw my beloved Foo Fighters for the first time. Singing along with their songs solidified how I felt about them. In fact, seeing them in concert was one of the highlights of my life, one that started me on a concert binge that hasn’t ended. Sometimes it can be intimidating to see your favorite band or meet your favorite author, but the feeling you leave that experience with is SO worth it. It’s worth the uncomfortable moments where you don’t know what to say. It’s worth the anxiety that goes along with being around THAT many people you don’t know. I know, ’cause I get that same feeling too. Every time. I push through it and I have never regretted meeting someone in person or seeing a concert of a band I love.

Besides… if you didn’t push yourself, you’d miss out on hearing Radioactive live! And that would be a shame.



Have a great week!