March 21

Crawling Back Into the Cave


Some people seem to love working on revisions. I’m not one of them. I, personally, think revisions are about as much fun as having a tooth-drilled. No, they’re worse than that. It’d be like having each of your fingernails pulled out by an army of evil gnomes all wearing Misfits t-shirts and calling you bad names.

Still, I have to be strong. We all have to be strong. Going back into the revision cave can be trying, exhausting, deflating. We need help. Someone to guide us through the frustration and help us reconnect with the joy in our writing.

These guys are here to help. Because, even rock-stars have to start over sometimes:

I’m going to crawl back into my own personal revision hell now. I need a few more tunes though. What songs help get you through when you have start over? What songs remind you that sometimes a fresh start can be something special?