Divergent Movie & Music

Divergent tattoo poster

The YA community is between the Hunger Game movies, so what’s on everyone’s mind? Divergent. If you don’t know about Divergent, the dystopian series by Veronica Roth, check it out on GOODREADS.  The movie releases Friday, March 21st and if you haven’t seen the movie trailer yet, look no farther (click the link below.) For additional movie info, including character profiles, visit the Divergent The Movie website.

I’m most excited for the soundtrack, the music accompanying the theatrical interpretation of the novel. Why? Because, in my opinion, music adds a depth to story like nothing else can. Music will help the movie-goers, especially those who haven’t read the books, feel the emotions of the characters, set the mood of the scene, and add dimension to a setting. The soundtrack releases Tuesday, March 11th, for $14.99. Visit the soundtrack website for more info – you can also pre-order on iTunes.

Take a peek of the song/video of Beating Heart by Elllie Goulding featuring snippets of the highly anticipated film.

And now, a list of other bands/artists contributing to the Divergent Soundtrack: ZEDD, Pia Mia, SNOW PATROL *Tonya freaks*, Woodkid, Tame Impala & Kendrick Lamar, M83, ASAP Rocky, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, Big Deal, Banks, more Ellie Goulding.

Snow Patrol??!!! Hells YES! *fangirls over Gary Lightbody*

gary lightbody

M83, Skrillex, Ellie Goulding? Sign me up. I’m officially excited for this soundtrack – it has big potential. What do you think about the potential of the movie versus the book? How about the soundtrack?

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