Music Memory

Music memory is a strange, inspiring phenomenon. It’s that thing that occurs when you hear a song from your past~not just any song, but the one that for whatever reason left an impact~and you find yourself transported by it to another place in time, the memory of that moment so vivid, so real that you’re no longer just listening to a song in your car or in the grocery store or in your living room, you’re there, reliving that moment, that memory, with every word and note that comes across your speakers.

Yeah. That.

For me, one of these times was back in April 2011. The Red Sox were playing the Yankees and it was a cold, wet night. My husband and I were at Fenway Park with friends and we’d lost to the Yankees during a day game the day before. But this time, this game, we were up. It was the ninth inning and the game was close. Our closer Papelbon came out to get the save.

Dropkick Murphys “Shipping up to Boston” came blaring through the speakers. The entire crowd went wild as Pap strode out to the mound. It was THE MOMENT. Something about that cold, wet night, being in the stands with friends, all of us cheering on our team against our biggest rival, and this star closer, this guy everyone adored, walking out to the field amid some kick-a@@ music. We talk about that moment all the time.

And so when the Dropkick Murphys came out this past year during the World Series to perform live, you can bet that I got chills watching them perform.

What about you? Any songs or anthems in your life that resonate? That take you off somewhere else?

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