February 17

Breaks and Binges


Happy Presidents’ Day for those who celebrate! Today we’re talking about breaks and binges. Two things I’ve experienced recently. I’ve done it before. Taken a bit of a break to read a ton of books or watch every episode of a series–binging on something. I have the perfect personality to be a binge-reader or binge-watcher. It’s kind of built into me. But what suffers when I do this?

A lot.

Edward Norton zones out

Will it stop me? Nope. But if I’m honest. When I’m binging, it’s all I can think about. Everything else is insignificant to what I’m binging on. I mean I shower and go to work, but I don’t want to go anywhere and I don’t want to do anything that doesn’t have to do with what I’m binging on. It’s mesmerizing and scary at the same time. And it doesn’t matter how much I love that world, coming back from a binge is hard. Trying to acclimate into “real life” again feels like a let down from my binging. Which makes me realize what I’ve been experiencing is truly an addiction. Luckily I can stop and go back, but I do admit to the empty feeling when trying to return to that story I’m writing or shows that don’t have Veronica Mars in them. Or books with beloved series’ characters in them.

It’s the same with music. I can listen to a song on repeat and swear it’s my FAVORITE song ever. I want it in my ears and never anywhere else. But a few days later I find another one. Then another. Perhaps these binges are just a way for me to get that addictive personality of mine some play.

The good news is I usually exit binges whether it be music or watching TV or reading, with new ideas. It might be an unconventional way of getting ideas, but hey, go with what works, right?

This article pretty much nails it.

Any of you feel this way? What do you binge on?


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