February 13


I’m a huge Veronica Mars fan. The hugest! I mean, the biggest fan, not the hugest…that would be weird. Anyway, I love that show. I’ve watched it way too many times and did so again recently. There’s a moment at their Prom when Veronica and Logan are talking about epic love. He describes epic love as “I thought our story was epic, you and me. … Spanning years and continents, lives ruined, blood shed, EPIC.”
Veronica insists that love shouldn’t be that hard. Logan says, “No one writes song about the ones that come easy.”

And that got me to thinking: Is my story one to write home about? Is it epic?

When we sit down to write, or at least when I do, I hope in my heart of hearts that when I tell my story it could inspire the kind of love that makes my book the paperback hauled in purses and bags. Taped together in the bottom of a book sack always just a reach away in case of an I-need-my-favorite-book emergency. The beat up copy in the library that is always checked out or on the on hold shelf. It could inspire movies and songs and tattoos. Someday, and stop me before I get too crazy, my book cover or a treasured line could be on a t-shirt. I know, that one may be going too far.

But whatever happens, I hope what I write feels as epic to my reader as it does to me. I could just write a fluffy story. Lord knows I’ve read more of those than I count and I really enjoyed a whole bunch of them. I could write something that’s funny, I mean stitch-in-my-side-makes-me-cry funny. Okay. Fair enough, that would be epic. But not in the same way.

There are a lot of stories and songs out there that aren’t epic or don’t tell epic tales. Many even tell stupid or mediocre ones. But that’s my subjective opinion. Those artists most likely slaved, toiled, and maybe even bled to make it happen. I promise there were tears.

I, like Logan, feel that most epic things come with a bit of pain and turmoil. I doubt anything that fell into your lap or was handed to you ever felt as epic as something you had to work for. And those are the stories I want to write. The Epic struggle, the Epic victory, the Epic love.

But what about the struggle to get there? Does this have bearing on the end result?

Here’s the thing, I never think of this when I’m actually writing. I never think, “Make it epic.” I just write. When I sing, I just sing. When I dance, I’m absorbed into another plane. It’s in my soul and not in the future. It’s what it is now, not what it could be. It’s the story I want to tell, and maybe that right there is what makes it epic. Maybe just the courage to tell a story and let others live it through your words is where the magic happens. Writing and creating are hard. You need talent, yes, but what you really need is the drive not to quit. The urge to finish. The need to put something into the world that wasn’t there before.

And do you think someone would go through the pain and turmoil to get to the end for something mediocre?

So maybe Logan really is right after all, they only write about the epic ones. Because if you’re brave enough to pour out your soul, how could it be anything less?