January 23

The Long & Winding Road

Life is a bumpy road, with detours, potholes, cracks, and rocks. Sometimes, there’s a huge freaking boulder blocking the way completely. And the same is true for any journey we begin toward a goal. I’ve traveled down a road to Publication Town for many years now. At first, I was a rickety lemon, wobbling along, but I soon realized that I wasn’t alone and it was way better to road trip with friends. Eventually, I was in a caravan, riding in a vehicle that had better shocks.  There have been times when I hitchhiked, depending on other people like critique partners, my husband, and close friends to help carry me to the next “stop” because I ready to give up. A few times I’ve been a tow truck, pulling my writing friends who need encouragement or support toward their final destination. Some days I’ve pushed the pedal to the medal due to an unexpected turn of events, but there have been more obstacles than I can count.

A couple weeks ago I announced my book deal for my young adult scifi series (deets). And I’m over the moon about it! But, when I started this adventure to publication, I thought I could call “the deal” my final stop. WRONG. I’ve accomplished more than I thought possible and grown so much as a writer, but my journey doesn’t end with the book deal. This is just a pit stop along the way. (A pit stop where I throw a party 😀 ) And the one thing that has gotten me through this arduous excursion, besides supportive friends and family? Music. It’s  my therapy, my inspiration. It’s my overhaul when I’ve broken down, my tune-up when I’m sputtering, and my turbo when I win a race (and dance in celebration).

It’s hard to put into words what music does for me and that’s odd coming from someone who doesn’t stop talking or is supposed to be a writer. But I guess I could say, it lights me up. It sets my soul on fire. It makes me feel alive or numbs the pain, depending on what I need. I’m so happy and grateful for how far I’ve come on my journey, and I have a lot of people to thank – but I also thank music. Corny but true.

dont quit sign

So, if you have a dream, chase after it. Deal with one bump at a time, don’t travel alone, and crank up the tunes!

Cheerleader out, yo!

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