The Love/Hate Relationship With A Song

Greetings! I hope you’re keeping warm and are all snuggled up!

So, this happens to me a lot. I’m driving and a song comes on. It’s HORRIBLE. I complain at how awful it is, I can’t stop hearing its stupid chorus in my head. It’s safe to say I want nothing to do with this song…


It comes on again.

This was my most recent song of hate/love. “The Walker” by Fitz And The Trantrums

I love this song now. Can’t get enough. I listen to it all the time. But the very first time I heard it I HATED it. How does this happen? Was I just asleep when it was on the first time? Not only that, this happens to me all the time. It even happens with books, art, TV shows. It seems to be this unstoppable force.

I’m wondering if maybe sometimes we don’t give something a chance because of what we had built up, or what mood we’re in at the time. This can translate to our writing too. I’ve read my MS a lot, but I have to tell you that each time I read it I have a different reaction. One minute I love it, the next it’s the biggest crap-fest I’ve ever laid eyes on. How is it that we can read or listen to something one time and think it’s horrible and then the next love it?

I’m not sure I have the answer, but I think that maybe it’s affected by how we FEEL at the time. Our emotions guide us, so it’s natural to think that maybe that’s what’s at work here. Maybe it’s the more we are exposed to something the more it grows on us. Perhaps if we know this going in we may be able to think more subjectively about certain situations, give them more of a chance? I don’t know. I keep wondering what songs/books/TV shows I’m missing out on because I didn’t give them the best chance. I guess we’ll never know. In the meantime let’s watch Emma Stone demonstrate what I’m talking about with her hate/love of “Pocket Full of Sunshine,” by Natasha Bedingfield in the movie Easy A.

So, maybe that whistling in “The Walker” isn’t so seriously annoying. I may actually like that song… It’s kind of catchy, isn’t it. Go ahead and watch the video. Try and get that out of your head ;o)

Anyone else ever feel that way?

Keep warm, everyone!!