January 08

Guilty Pleasures

Hi Friends. Angi Nicole here. Today I want to talk about something I’m going to do in 2014. I know, I know. Me and everyone else on the internet, but before you switch off, give me a minute.

This blog is all about words. Sure, words in music and book form, but at its basest form, words. I even got a word for the year, LIVE. it’s simply what I plan to do this year, do a little living. But there’s a phrase, just two words really, that I’ve been thinking of getting rid of this year.

Around here we talk about music and books a lot. On the blog, behind the scene, long chain emails of back and forth, Twitter, you get it. And without fail, there’s always a moment where one of us says an artist, song, or book and then, “Don’t judge me.” There’s usually a bit of gentle heckling but more times than not, there’s a round of, “I love that, too!” Our secret shame shared and now bonding us for life, I started to wonder why we feel this way. Why do we feel the need to not admit that certain songs make us dance in our chairs or that trashy novel makes us giddy when we read it. Maybe it’s a TV show that’s just terrible but you can’t get enough. Or a movie. Whatever it is, why are we ashamed to say we like something?

Is it the hipsters? Are they making us do it?

Maybe. Maybe not. We’re expected to grow up and in growing up, someone, somewhere, along the way decided that meant getting rid of the child’s eye within us. I’m not sure when or why this happened or why it needs to happen, but I’ve had enough. I like seeing things through my inner child. She’s fun and finds laughter in places where I might otherwise cry.

You all know those people. You go out to dinner and the waiter is slow. The food is wrong. it’s too loud, too hot, too cold, this song sucks, this movie is lame, this and that this and that. And honestly, nothing they’re complaining about is a big deal. They could let it go and so could you, but instead, you go along. Maybe you keep your mouth shut about really liking that song, or maybe you thought the appetizer had just the right amount of cheese and screw diets!

But why is so hard to just say we like something? Why does that make us feel uncool or childlike, and why is that so bad?

Which brings me to the words I’m getting rid of this year: GUILTY PLEASURES. 

No more. By definition, pleasure is something pleasing, something that makes us smile, something that makes us happy. Why should we hide that behind the word guilt? Talk about your oxymoron. So I’m here to confess my ‘guilty pleasures’ and then those words will be gone from my vocabulary.

1- Yes. I love Britney. Old Brit, new Brit. Her music makes me dance and make stupid faces in the mirror as I sing the songs and pretend I’m in one her music videos. Actually, most songs make me do that because of the perpetual musical in my head, but that’s probably another post.

2- Twilight. I know. It’s out there now. There’s a lot wrong with that series, but damn if it isn’t catchy. And say what you want about Meyer’s writing, but she can do the characterization. And it gave breath to a lagging industry. And it got a bajillion kids to read. And also Kristen Stewart can’t act, but Bella in the books was a bit sassy and funny and I wanted an Edward before everyone deconstructed him and made him creepy. So there. I said it.

3- If Twister is on my TV, I will never change the channel. Ever. I don’t know what it is about that movie but it is the perfect storm of cheese, random, really great actors in mediocre roles, and one liners for days. Plus the soundtrack is actually really good.

4- Taylor Swift. I have a love/hate relationship with this girl. I hate to admit how much I love her. Her tune carrying isn’t always top notch, but I just love her songwriting. It makes my inner angsty teen sing with joy as we explore the high and lows of relationships, the beauty of friends, and the weird obsession she has with fights at three in the morning in the rain. But I will binge listen the hell out of her. And I’ll no longer be sorry for it. So the next time you pull up to me at a stop light, yeah, that is The Way I Loved You me and my daughter are singing so loudly your windows rattle.

5- Rom-coms. In book or movie form, and once in a while a song, I’m a sucker for the happy ending. I’m a bit more cynical when it comes to real love, but I cannot get enough of these things. Seriously, The Wedding Planner, Elizabethtown, anything with Meg Ryan. I will watch it and love it. I admit, while my kids were on break we even watched a few Disney movies and I was rooting for the couples so hard by the end a tear or two might have been shed. In my defense, I’ve been super sick, so cold medicine might have been a factor, but have you seen that Radio Rebel? Precious. And the good kids get together. So sweet.

But I probably digressed somewhere in there.

Anywho, care to join me in letting go of the guilt we tag on our pleasure? After all, if we don’t enjoy life and LIVE, really, what’s the point? So today, go ahead and have that dance party in your cubicle or watch that movie with the volume up a bit more than usual. But let go fo the guilt and lean more toward that pleasure. 

Leave me some of your guilty pleasures in the comments so we can frolic in our coolness together. And not be sorry!! Oh, gotta go. Toxic just came on and I have a dance party to attend.