Bring It, 2014!

When I realized I had the first post of 2014, my first thought was “EPIC.” Like, this post should be EPIC, full of win and encouragement and possibly jazz hands.

I felt this post should be…

But that’s a lot of pressure. Too much pressure, right?

So I decided to take the pressure off and just talk about why I’m stoked for 2014.:)


I can’t wait for spring releases from Band of Horses, The Jezebels, Elbow, Ed Sheeren, The Kasier Chiefs, Silversun Pickups (heard the new track “Cannibal” this a.m. and LOVED it) and –OMG, wait for it–U2. Yes, you read that right. U2. *cranks I Will Follow [UK version]* <333

Other releases I’m looking forward to rumored to be coming this year? The Foo Fighters, Rise Against, and Lana Del Ray.

And I’m curious what Imagine Dragons will do this year after a killer 2013.

What else? Fresh finds, not even on my radar. I can’t wait to discover new bands and new tunes… So hey 2014: BRING IT.


NILNIL. (aka my debut baby…lol)

I can’t wait for NIL to hit the shelves in March! It’s exciting to think NIL will be out there–and also crazy scary. Being a debut author is like riding a roller coaster at night–in your undies. Crazy fun, flying blind.;)

Thanks to everyone who helped make NIL come alive, from my editor to my agent to my sweet beta readers that *might* be in this room. *cough I’m looking at you Tonya and Spence*

17251354Speaking of  2014 debuts, how about ATWN’s own Megan’s BETWEEN? Did she score a killer cover or what?! *pets* And the premise? Magic, mystical beings, swoon, and impossible choices? Oh snap. YES. A million times YES!

And I can’t wait to hear Meg’s playlist for BETWEEN…including any songs that didn’t make the cut.

But that’s not all. So much book goodness coming this year!

Some are debuts, some are sophomore scores. BUT I WANT THEM ALL.

Like CREED, DEFY, HOUSE OF IVY & SORROW, LANDRY PARK, NEARLY GONE, SOMETHING REAL, BURN OUT, THE ART OF LAINEY (okay I want EVERY YA VALENTINE BOOK on my shelf! #NoJoke Go here for all the Val book goodness…), SPLIT SECOND, THE PROMISE OF AMAZING…okay, I’ll stop, because we could be here ALL DAY.  Instead, search the hashtag #nye14reads on Twitter to stock your TBR list.

Did you hear me 2014? We want ALL THE BOOKS you can bring. SO BRING IT ’14! (or technically, bring them. Whatever. #ClearlyTooMuchTimeInCopyEditsForMe)


I can’t wait for my writer friends to find agents or announce their first deal or sell their second. I can’t wait to finish my WIP. I can’t wait to see what my 4 boys do this year…I can’t wait to meet some of my writer friends IRL.  I can’t wait for the first day of spring break (because it NEVER gets old.:D) I can’t wait to see NIL’s dedication page with my husband’s name on it. Sunrises, sunsets, epic highs and hopefully-not-too-low lows. Risks. Love. Life. I can’t wait for all that 2014 holds.:) Because it’s gonna be AMAZING.

Why? Because it’s up to us. Like Paul said in his awesome 2013 wrap-up, “go do something amazing.”

Write a book, discover a new author. Make music, or find some that touches you. Take up a hobby or rediscover an old one…challenge yourself. Hug the people you love. Take a risk. Amaze yourself.

C’mon 2014, BRING IT. Who’s with me? 🙂