December 16



Bastille seated

You may have heard Bastille’s single, Pompeii, which is topping all kinds of charts. If you haven’t been one of the 40 million YouTube viewers, this video is a must see. If you like that zombie-end-of-the-world vibe or like to be slightly freaked out, you definitely need to see this.


Bastille’s Bad Blood album was the first debut album this year in the UK to go platinum. The US tour that ended in September was a huge success and ended with the group being featured on Jimmy Kimmel and Conan. They returned to the US in December to tour and it SOLD OUT. It only took hours for their entire UK spring tour to sell out. But when they announced they’d be rolling through middle America, I snagged a few tickets for their stop in my town, Omaha.  And, man, did they deliver.

They came out on stage set to sing Bad Blood, a killer song. Dan Smith, lead singer danced around stage with a hoodie on. Eventually, he unzipped it and revealed this:

Dan SmithThat’s right. An old-school Ghostbusters tee. I was a fan of the band before. But this? This was insta-love for Dan.

The guys worked their way through the Bad Blood album tunes, including Overjoyed and Flaws, crowd faves. They even did a cover of the 1985 hit Rhythm of the Night. I can’t express enough how much they rocked Sokol Auditorium, a 1,300 standing room only venue. They took turns pounding on a big drum (in addition to the regular drum kit) that reverberated in my chest. Dan danced, jumped, sang, and screamed. And so did everyone else in the auditorium. The energy in the room was palpable.

Kyle Simmons, Chris “Woody” Wood, and William Farquarson, and Dan create a depth to their music with heavy beats, harmonizing vocals, balanced guitar, synth, Dan’s falsetto, and piano – not to mention the catchy and meaningful lyrics. At one time, two of them played the synth/piano and Dan was on a separate piano as he sang. The ethereal, and, at times, spooky, vibes were truly haunting. And the desperation, declarations, and urgency in Dan’s voice evoked real emotions. (That’s exactly why I’ve used their music to help me write particular scenes.)

When Dan stepped closer to the crowd, the fans went nuts. Wait. Let me rephrase. The girls went nuts. Yes, Dan has stolen the hearts of the females. And I can’t argue because…

Dan also got up close and personal. Yeah, the fans freaked. Again. Because when he works the crowd, he actually gets down IN the crowd while singing.

Crowd Love Bastille

I had three faves from the show. First, when Dan jumped backwards into the mic stand, nearly fell on his ass, then picked it up and chucked it halfway across the stage. That garnered a lot laughs and cheers. Second, how the fans lost their flipping heads when Pompeii came on. And lastly, when they played The Draw, a song I’ve listened to on REPEAT as I finish writing my teen SciFi novel. This song will definitely be on the playlist for this novel.

Check out Bastille’s cover of Miley’s We Can’t Stop. It starts with Eminem’s Lose Yourself, infuses Achy Breaky Heart by Miley’s daddy Billy Ray Cyrus, and is way more layered and rich than one may think.


A current favorite song.


You can also listen to this ALL THIS BAD BLOOD album sampler.

I LOOOOVE this album and will forever more buy every song Bastille records. And, for me, it was the best concert of the year. My fangirling this summer has turned to love – possibly border-line obsession. Besides, some of you may know I have a thing for accents. And Dan’s is…wow. I tried to get an interview with them for this blog with no luck. I even thought about contacting the city paper to see if they could help me get an interview. Yeah, guys. They are that good. Or I’m that obsessed. Maybe both.

If you want to know all things BASTILLE, Like them on Facebook and watch their feed for news. You can Follow gracious Dan’s fun tweets on Twitter. Or you can just check out their rad Website.

Hope this music inspires you in some way, as it has for me. Cheerleader out, yo.

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