December 12


Publishing & Pitbull

So how exactly is publishing like Pitbull you ask?

I offer up the following video:


If you guessed that, as writers, we will one day be swimming in money, and that time will have no value because we can easily jet-set across the country at a moment’s notice…err…well, yeah, no.

No, that’s not it at all. But it’s a stellar thought.

You know what we can choose to do?

We can choose to CELEBRATE each and every moment along the path on our road to publication, no matter how big or small. Because let’s face it—this road isn’t easy. It’s rocky. It’s loaded with boulders the size of volcanoes and trees that look like mountains. And that’s okay.

Because that’s what we signed up for, right? Right.

But I challenge each of us, whether in life or writing, to stop occasionally and just appreciate how far in the process we’ve come. Stop thinking about the next step or the next thing or where to go from here… and just BE.

Whether you’ve just finished a rough draft of that novel that threatened to suck out your life page by page, or gone through your beta reader feedback with a fine-toothed comb, or maybe you’ve revised and polished that book baby to perfection, or plunged neck-deep into the query waters, or signed with that agent you always hoped would “get it”, or maybe you even snagged that book deal you were scared to ever dream was really possible…

Let that breath out you’ve been holding. Eat a cupcake. Have a drink. Watch that movie you haven’t had time for. SLEEP IN. (Okay that last one was for my #5amWritersClub peeps…)

Whatever your brand of celebration or relaxing is, EMBRACE it and allow yourself to be proud of where you are. Be sure to stop moving long enough to actually FEEL THE MOMENT.

Otherwise, you may miss it entirely.

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