September 16

Music to Write By

I remember years ago that OutKast had an album releasing that was essentially a soundtrack to a movie they were debuting. It was a cool concept, and I enjoyed listening to that album and imaging what the movie would be like. I had ideas for the characters and what their voices/looks would be. And although most movies have soundtracks now, it just felt different to have an entire album from the same artist(s) to accompany the vision.

So when Eddie Vedder did the entire soundtrack for the film INTO THE WILD, I immediately jumped at the chance to listen to it. The songs and lyrics flowed perfectly with the storyline, and several of those tracks still stick with me and cause emotional responses in me when I hear them. The movie is an tumultuous one as it is, but with Eddie Vedder’s haunting lines and chords accompanying it, the movie becomes so much MORE.

As a book publicist I have the opportunity to work with some amazing writers. One of which happens to also be an equally amazing singer/songwriter. Not only is her book an incredible one, one that I just know people will love reading, but she is joining the ranks of those that are going above and beyond and will be releasing an album simultaneously with her book release. The album (and he eerily gorgeous voice) will help tell the story in even more depth and I am so very excited to be a part of this process. If you’d like to learn more about Kelsey Macke and her extraordinary writing and musical process, you can do so HERE.

I just read THIS POST by fellow ATWNer, Angi, that made me realize that The Civil Wars are one of those groups/artists that always evoke enough emotion in me to make me want to write a book based on their lyrics. Their music just seems to pull the words out of me.

Do you have any artists or groups that inspire you in such a way?