August 08

Life’s Big Moments & The Music That Accompanies Them


Do you ever hear a song that came out when you were fourteen and all of sudden it puts you right back into the place and time that you were when you first heard it? Maybe it was on in the background when you had your first kiss, or maybe it was your favorite song to turn up loud and roll down the windows with your best friend as you flew down a back road in the middle of the summer.

There is just something about music, something about that perfect song, that tends to blend in and stick with us years after the events happened. As the arrival of my  third son is approaching, I can’t help but wonder what song I’ll connect with most after he is born. I tend to prefer silence during the actual birth, but will I hear a song on the radio on the way home that will bring me to tears as I stare down at yet another perfect chubby little face? Or will it be a song that suddenly calms him down from a late night crying fit after we’ve already been home for a few days or weeks?

With my oldest child, I can remember singing “Jingle Bell Rock” to him in the car, and it was the only thing that would make him stop crying. I eventually bought the single and replayed that over and over in the car until he outgrew that stage, but now, even almost six years later, I still smile every time I hear it.

And I doubt I will ever forget that the one song he is guaranteed to request if given the option is “Dirty Magic” by The Offspring. I’ve heard that song more times than I can count, but I still have a hard time remembering what it’s about, because all I can think about when he requests it is how awesome it is that he already has a certain taste in music that is all HIS.

While our second son isn’t quite so picky, I kind of love that too. He has next to no rhythm (he gets it honest) but that doesn’t stop him from dancing in this repetitive circle dance to any and all music. Truly, it’s a move that only he could master. Or not fall over while doing. I swear, I get dizzy just watching him. But, clearly, music just moves him. He doesn’t need a certain sound or voice to get him out of his seat. If it has a beat, he’s all in.

All I know now is that I’m excited to see how music plays a role in the life of our next child, and I look forward to seeing what songs make him smile and which lyrics he’ll connect with first. I can’t wait to build those memories with him and learn what his preferences are. It’s just one of the many wonderful things I’ll get to learn about him over the years, but I know it will be just as memorable and exciting as it has been with our first two children.