Crash Karma Hit the Hard Rock with Rock Musique Deluxe!


Canadian Super Group CRASH KARMA introduced their sophomore album ROCK MUSIQUE DELUXE tonight (Tuesday, August 6, 2013) to thunderous applause at the Hard Rock Cafe (@HardRockToronto) in Toronto, Ontario. And it was EPIC!


If you’re unfamiliar with the band, their roots run deep in the Canadian rock and alt-rock music scene. Lead singer Edwin fronted the 90s alternative rock group I Mother Earth, drummer Jeff Burrows played for The Tea Party, guitarist Mike Turner played for Our Lady Peace and bassist Amir Epstein played for Zygote. Together, they form an incredibly tight super group that is sure to rise to the top of the rock-pile. If their debut album (the self-titled Crash Karma) didn’t already solidify their position there, Rock Musique Deluxe is sure to finish the job.

The mini-concert, sponsored by 94.9 The Rock (@949TheRock), was an exclusive show for media and fans. You couldn’t buy a ticket, though. I had the good fortune of winning a set from Eric Alper on Twitter (@ThatEricAlper).

When they took to the stage, Crash Karma got right to it…delivering one hard hitting rock and roll song after another. Edwin’s vocals were incredible and his energy spoke to the dedication he has to his craft. After performing a couple songs off the new album, they treated us to the Our Lady Peace song, Clumsy. It was an absolute crowd-pleaser. With Edwin at the mike, I’d have to say it was the best version of Clumsy I ever heard. They soon brought us back to the present with more from the new album. My faves–besides the first single Tomorrow–would have to be Finally Free and Tonight. If Finally Free doesn’t hit the airwaves as a single, I’ll eat my hat. The song truly kicks ass. The chorus felt immediately familiar…it was one of those songs you start singing along to before you even hear it through once.

Once finished, Edwin thanked the crowd and left the stage. Drummer Jeff Burrows, not yet ready to leave the stage, began the one-two drumbeat battle cry that culminated in the encore.


I Mother Earth was a favourite of mine while Edwin was at its helm. I was thrilled when the band broke into the amazing ONE MORE ASTRONAUT…a fave of I Mother Earth fans. What a performance!

With so many songs between them, it was great to see Crash Karma breaking out in the odd song from their previous lives. But the songs that got me and solidified my fandom in this super group were the songs on ROCK MUSIQUE DELUXE. You have GOT to pick it up today! If you’re looking for hard-hitting rock and roll, look no farther. Crash Karma is all you need. This album will definitely be the soundtrack to the rest of my summer.



Of course I picked up a copy of Rock Musique Deluxe at the album release party! Can't wait to write to the music.

Of course I picked up a copy of Rock Musique Deluxe at the album release party! Can’t wait to write to the music.

I’ll leave you with the first single off ROCK MUSIQUE DELUXETomorrow.