Accidental Finds

This scifi nerd if finally writing her first young adult fiction novel and I couldn’t be happier! A new story, new characters, and even a new genre, all of which are really exciting. But with all this newness comes the need for inspiration. I set out to find tunes that would help me figure out who my main characters are, determine the environment for those characters, as well as explore the possibilities of the relationships in the story. The thing is I didn’t know what I was looking for. Everything I found was kind of accidental. But that seems pretty fitting since some of the best moments along a journey, be it personal or professional, are accidental . Some tracks I came across are new releases, some are just new to me. And like my other playlists, it’s an eclectic collection. Give em’ a listen. What do ya think? Hopefully you’ll find one that’s inspirational in some way…or maybe just makes you move.

Lost That Easy – Cold War Kids

What It Is – Kodaline

Portugal. The Man – Purple, Yellow, Red, and Blue

Royals – Lorde

Elevate – St. Lucia

Came Back Haunted – Nine Inch Nails